"You can’t figure it out because you can’t. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean others can’t."

Li Yu’s response was unmoved. This ancient land was searched and explored without a trace of cover, which made several dormant statues jump in the corner of their eyes. There was no lack of temper and eyebrows were erected, and they were born to die.
"Daoyou took a photo and calmed down. He inspired us to be born. You used to be a war maniac, but now it’s not time."
Some people discourage people who are obviously not ischemic and violent, and they will fight if they disagree.
After searching for a while in the southern part of Li Yu Island, an ancient monument was dug up in a broken tomb. The one obtained in the burial ground is somewhat similar, but the description catalogue is not the same.
It was a sea of blood in Wang Yang, where a copper coffin floated across and sailed to an unknown distance, and a lotus flower swayed and bloomed in the blood of the heavens.
"Is there a bronze coffin for the third time?"
It’s really puzzling how the chaotic ancient era changed before the end of the mythical era in the years when he buried Tiandao with such ancient monuments.
This seems to be a magnificent branch of reincarnation intervention that triggered unpredictable changes.
"When I waited for the emperor to protect this universe, your ancestors waited for us to pray and worship. Now you want to rebel?"
After he took the stone tablet, he always had a bad temper and couldn’t sit still. The stone tablet was obviously extraordinary and quite ancient, and it was definitely a great treasure.
And they didn’t find it, but they were taken away as soon as Ren Huang came. How can it be tolerated? This is not to treat them as suckers!
"Since the chop, you are no longer the real emperor. Of course, it is worthy of admiration, but you personally ruined it and cut it off. You have been polluted by dark turmoil again and again. You have already fallen, and your hearts are distorted and incomplete. It is better to die. Later generations are ashamed of this.
The first half of my life is brilliant, the second half is ferocious, accompanied by tragic struggle, and the last moment is desolate. My feet have trampled on blood. This is your destination! "
Li Yu stared at Zun’s direction and criticized him coldly, but it is true that he has repeatedly caused great disasters, but this pride is also true! What’s the need for forgiveness? It is the best commemoration of his first glory to trample to death.
At this moment, every star field echoed his voice, and the enemy’s will was in harmony, which made the universe rumble and tremble.
"Time is like a knife, and Tianjiao Changsheng Road sighs enchanting blood and bones, a sad picture of a lifetime!"
Road flyover in the Spring and Autumn Period sighed sadly and cruelly, but couldn’t help it? No, it’s a choice
It was a mottled picture with blood. How much bitterness, how much suffering, how much glory and how much glory were buried in a pool of blood. Who knows?
"Ha ha ha! What a splendid and ferocious waiting for the ages. Will it be this ending? Is it really the end of a golden life forbidden zone? "
There was a laugh, but it was touched with sadness. Everyone suffered from the past, and everyone had a brilliant past to suppress the universe and deter the enemies of heaven and earth for nine days!
Brilliant blood-stained scrolls and bleak closing made the emperors in the forbidden area silent for a while and had too many feelings in their hearts.
They thought of a lot of people who were admired by all ethnic groups, who were once proud, but what is left now?
Is it true that time is like a knife to cut tianjiao?
Cut off their glory, cut off their pride and cut off their hearts.
Li Yu scanned the four forbidden areas and stepped out of the island of burial. This shock will usher in a period of peace, and it is good for all beings to cultivate life and rest.
For him, it is also sufficient to train a younger generation of followers and let them practice their hands with descendants of creatures in the restricted area.
"There were four places left in the restricted area where there was a dark turmoil. Ren Huang’s shock is a blessing for us!"
After this war, there was a great earthquake in heaven and earth, and Ren Huang was mighty all over the world.
Who can match this brilliant record?
Once, the forbidden area of life was like a high god who needed people to sacrifice and admire. Who dared to disrespect and who could overcome it?
Never before has anyone been able to push the forbidden area, even the sea of reincarnation, the immortal mountain in hell, and the intimidating achievements of the ancient mines in the early days of Xianling Mountain are destined to go down in history, and no one can erase them.
Even the statue is not necessarily dangerous to the human world. If it is a dragon, it has to be coiled, and if it is a tiger, it has to lie down.
The sky ushered in a bright and peaceful time, and the ancient roads of all roads were blooming brilliantly.
Emperor Tian also slowed down after the free and unfettered Buddha, and every cloud has a silver lining rushed into the realm of Great Sage to achieve a domain ancestor.
The ancient emperor of Hunzhan Qingshi also followed closely, and achieved the Great Sage. Four people joined hands to shake all ethnic groups. It is worthy that Ren Huang’s followers made the Great Sage overlook the ancient road of all ethnic groups at a young age.
The three great sages who pulled carts in Ren Huang were also glorious. Although there was still a long way to go from the prospective emperor, they also rose greatly, guarding the Jiang family and Gu Hua dynasty.
It’s a little surprising that tian hu, a tortoise, is an atavistic refining company, and a little blood crystal has stepped into the Great Sage’s unique summit by taking advantage of the opportunity of Hetuluo. The other is also an atavism. At the end, tian hu achieved great success and envied heaven and man.
Ten years after the immortal mountain was razed, the god-killing worm was born, and the immortal three beheaded the road and the human enemy was everywhere. Even King Dacheng was beaten and turned into a terrible vision of "the twilight of the gods"
He traveled in the sky to challenge the kings and was praised as a new generation of Zhongzhou Tianjiao, but he was a true pure blood ancestor.
"This god-killing insect is not simply called worm Wang Ba blood, divine blood and holy blood. It is a strong and terrible foundation that has been nurtured by many precious blood!"
Some people marvel that the deeper you dig, the more you feel that the foundation of this tianjiao’s terrible foundation is unimaginable, and it is comparable to those horrible constitutions that dominate the world.
And another respected tyrant, Tianjiao, is also quite eye-catching. When she was born, she swallowed the demon flower! This kind of fate makes people crazy, and the most important thing is that he has also become a’ dragon god shape’, and his body has doubled his power.
"This is a’ young dragon’ with emperor’s capital. There is no limit to his achievements in the future!"
Several demon families sought after him and regarded him as another demon king after’ Little Demon Emperor’ Qi Lin’ Demon Heaven’ Demon Moon’ Jin Peng’
He is called the double crown of Zhongzhou, and some people call them a new generation of brilliant binary stars.
Even more, the old man judged that both of them practiced because the Emperor had all kinds of occult skills to protect themselves. I’m afraid it won’t be long before they can experience the ancient road.
Time goes by, blink of an eye, and it’s three years later. The sea is quiet, and occasionally there are stars falling and rising all over the sky, like a god sleeping in the depths and swallowing up the great cosmic force.
On the waterfront, there is a vast mountain community. The once immortal mountain enlightened the ancient tea tree and ran out to take root at the top of the mountain. It can’t leave here.

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