No one cheats, but everyone drinks really empty. Although they are all fairy bodies, seven or eight bottles of white wine are drunk. Head is dizzy, sitting in the jade chair is stagger, talk is broken, look at people are four or five people, but many masters are present, who also can’t save face with real yuan sober up.

Jinyang is getting married today, and it goes without saying that he is happy in his heart. Pick up the white wine as water to drink, and pour the whole bottle into your stomach. I don’t know how many bottles to pour down. I am not a good drinker. If I drink so much white wine, I will naturally be as drunk as a fiddler, from head to toe, and there is no place where it is normal.
Originally, there were not many nectars. More than 10,000 people were present, and each person was divided into two parts. However, the Jade Emperor was a proud man. In order to make ostentation and extravagance for his daughter, Jinyang sent thousands of dragon cars to pick up the bride, so naturally he could not let the dragon cars go back empty. Rare fruits account for a hundred cars, and the whole ton of nectar and jade is also the whole ton, which barely fills the dragon car.
Although thousands of people came again, the jade emperor brought more good goods, and the busy prodigies moved up without interruption. Those monsters who can only be regarded as second-rate characters in heaven caught Jinyang, the Yuan Datou, and naturally they didn’t want to go home on an empty stomach. Afraid of losing money by eating less than others.
Jinyang is strange in his heart. This gouchen emperor seems to be the most enthusiastic, blowing bottle by bottle. Jinyang himself wondered, in those years when he was in new york, he had never left the wine. After a long training, he felt that his capacity for liquor was passable, but after eating dozens of bottles of white goods, his stomach was like a ten-level storm, shaking badly. If it wasn’t for clinging, it would have been sprayed directly.
But in the sight of this guy, it’s like a small white face, and it’s also a right bottle and a right bottle, but he’s all right, and he hasn’t seen him refining alcohol with real yuan, but he just doesn’t change his face, making Jinyang unconvinced, and his heart is dark and sighing. This West Pole Gouchen Emperor is in West Niuhezhou, dealing with some monks and nuns all day long, and the good amount of alcohol he has practiced there is really incredible.
Just as everyone was having a drink and revelry, the blind man came. Taoist Tianjue, who was guarding the outside, quickly rushed into the hall, first accused many masters in the main seat, and then took Jinyang, who was staggering, and said, "Master, two big monks came from outside the island and said that his younger brother was a guest on the island. He wanted to go into the island to look for trouble."
Jinyang, who was having a good time drinking, suddenly heard a bald donkey coming to make trouble. Suddenly, he flew into a rage and staggered to his feet. He landed on the table and said, "Sorry, everyone, a few people are here. Keep drinking. I’ll send them away first, and then I’ll accompany them. I won’t be drunk today."
Before everyone could react, Jinyang had already started to drive a rickety fairy cloud and flew toward the outside of the temple without looking back. Road flyover Tianjue naturally followed closely, and he was careful to wait on it, for fear that Jinyang suddenly fell from the cloud. Although it was natural with the strength of Jinyang’s body, there would be no damage, but there were many lost faces when the wedding was big.
Watching Jinyang go away, he almost jumped up after drinking, and chased him up without hesitation. Jinyang was as kind to him as a mountain, not only saving his life, but also rebuilding his life. Without Jinyang’s selfless help, there would be no chaotic emperor who commanded thousands of heavenly soldiers and generals today, and he just didn’t know how to repay this kindness.
He can take it out, Jinyang also has it. Jinyang is a master, and there are many people. There is nothing to help him. In the past, I couldn’t find any way to repay him. Today is Jinyang’s newly married wedding date, and there are still people who want to live in an afterlife. Naturally, I want to help, even the king Lao Tzu.
See the Yi also flew out of the hall, left eight bosses immediately insidious smile looked at each other, eyes meaning to understand, however, there is a good nature can’t miss, although the day off said the secret, but his little fix for, what he said there can hide fire Kirin this jade fairy master.
The six emperors left in heaven looked at each other with wry smiles on their faces. Jinyang and Nayi were both emperors who recently made fiefs in heaven, representing heaven, and they really wanted to kill those monks. This contradiction is naturally on the head of heaven, and the contradiction between Xiandao and Buddhism is naturally getting deeper and deeper.
Others don’t know that Jinyang hates the monks in the West, but the Quartet Emperor of Heaven is very clear. What Jinyang has done is obvious, that is, he wants heaven and Elysium to create evil, but Jinyang is now like this rotten crime, even if he is intentional, you can’t say that. Several Emperor of Heaven are dumb and eat Huang Lian, and they can’t say how bitter it is.
Six people looked at each other, all know that this evil thing is inevitable, so we can’t make things big, and the trees flashed gently, and six people turned into six lights and flashed out of the array.
PS: Chapter 3 on 25th, the old monk will cause trouble in the afterlife, who can bear it, who can’t bear it, and kill it. . . Everyone smashed tickets. . .

Celestial Volume Chapter 375 Wedding Six
Celestial Volume Chapter 375 Wedding Six
Out of the large array, Jinyang stood unsteadily on the cloud head under the service of Taoist Tianjue, only to see the Buddha’s light between heaven and earth, and the golden lotus filled with the Buddha’s light, alternating with the Buddha’s light, only to feel that the fragrant wind was blowing, and Xiangyun was fluttering, shining and rippling, covering the sky of Fiona Fang for millions of miles.
Deep in the Buddha’s light, under the cover of wreaths, there are two big monks sitting quietly on the Do Lotus Table. They are all fat-faced and big-eared, dressed in yellow, full of precious faces, making kind colors, and the Sanskrit sounds around them are bright, like a morning bell and a dusk drum, with flowers scattered all over the sky, golden lotus flowers waiting to be released one after another, and petals slowly spreading, all making colorful colors.
When Jinyang saw the Buddha’s light, he instinctively gave birth to disgust. When he heard the bright Sanskrit sound again, he suddenly killed his heart and said coldly, "You two monks are really rude. Today, the emperor is newly married in wedding date, and he doesn’t want to kill anyone. Let’s talk about it tomorrow."
The two monks were not angry at Jinyang’s presumptuous speech. One of them, with his earlobe reaching to his shoulder, was miserable, barefoot and with 24 beads around his neck. This bead was not as radiant as other beads, but light and transparent, with a faint smell of chaos.
Seeing Jinyang’s swaying body, anyone with a discerning eye could see that he was drunk. The monk said, "I didn’t know that the emperor was happy, and I didn’t prepare a big gift. It’s really impolite, but I came here today for something important. I want to ask the emperor, and I hope he will be convenient."
Jinyang’s heart was bright, but on the surface, he was still drunk, and he shouted viciously, "You hairless monk, I told you long ago. I’ll talk about it another day, and then make noise." I want you to look good at once! "
Still not angry, the monk said faintly, "Emperor, listen to my guardian’s report. Today, the Xipa built by the princess belongs to my western paradise, and it is called the Splendid Mountains and Rivers. I don’t know if it is possible. If it is true, then please return it to the emperor. At the same time, I also want to ask, where is the ancient Buddha who is afraid of leaving his grandson in the paradise? "
Jinyang has a great heart. Although there are no monks here today, there are many experts in West Cow Hezhou. There must be many guardians of these bald donkeys. The’ splendid mountains and rivers’ are good here, but they have been swallowed. There’s absolutely no way to get it back. Don’t even think about it.
Jinyang continued his drunken madness, coldly saying, "If someone is lost in your family, come to me and look for it. I lost a few mad dogs a few days ago. Are you in your Elysium? I heard that there are many mad dogs in Elysium. Most of them bite people when they see them, and I will look for them in a few days. "
Seeing Jinyang’s abuse, the monk finally changed his face and said coldly, "I didn’t expect the emperor to be a man who only fights for the benefit of his tongue."
The Yi on the side was impatient for a long time, and when he saw the other side pestering him, he immediately angered, "You old monk. It’s really rude. Today is the wedding day of the great emperor. Let’s talk about it later. Don’t disturb me when I’m drinking, so don’t make any more noise. "
The monk seemed to be familiar with it, sneered a few times, and said simply, "Third Prince, your mother is caring for you in the Elysium, and your father is the protector of my family, and now he is being held in the heaven prison by Jade. If your brother wants to rescue. But you can’t get the door, and you’re living here. Is this your filial piety? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
That Yi just didn’t sober up and didn’t see the old monk’s face clearly. When he heard the old monk talking like this, he suddenly opened his eyes and said bitterly, "Burn the lamp, old bald donkey, you have no qualification to teach me a lesson. I warn you, treat my mother well. If anything goes wrong, you will die."
His natural disposition was weak, he had a grudge against his father and his brother, but he was extremely filial to his mother. The old monk wanted to satirize him a few words, but unexpectedly he met his lamella and was insulted mercilessly by him. Suddenly, he was furious, and the beads in his neck immediately flew out and shone brightly.
These beads are not real beads, but their real names are Ding Haizhu, which ranks fourth among the top ten innate spiritual treasures. There are 24 beads in total, and when they are saved in a string, they will emit colorful light, which will make people blind and easily be countered. As long as they are on the road, the mind will no longer work.
The monk had great magic power, and the pearl of the sea was in his hand, which covered the sun with a thousand rays of light. Then he suddenly lost his vision, like a blind man, and could not see clearly at all. Even Jinyang followed the Tao because he was not prepared in advance, and his eyes could see nothing. Fortunately, he was in the array, and his mind could still see clearly.
All of a sudden, just as he was walking on the road, another old monk got up and didn’t leave the Golden Lotus. He just took out a yellow-gray dried Kun bag from his waist, slowly opened the mouth of the bag, and went towards the white hood. Jinyang was nervous, knowing that the dried Kun bag was wrong, and that it was bound to suffer.
All of a sudden, the wind was raging, and a huge wave of smoke stood up. Suddenly, it came from the bag of Gankun, and it just focused on the Yi, who was like a blind man. When I saw this, Jinyang suddenly became frightened and understood that the other party’s coming to make trouble was false and wanted to take it away.
Jinyang was in a big hurry, but now he was in a terrible state, and he couldn’t help if he wanted to. Just when Jinyang was in a hurry, a khaki sword flashed, and the giant que sword rushed over and drove in front of it, blocking the suction.
Seeing that the coffin was about to be inhaled by the dry bag, Jinyang flew over, grabbed the coffin and looked back and ran. I saw eight fire pillars suddenly rising and surrounded the two monks. Forty-nine fire dragons were born on each pillar, spitting purple sky fire and burning at the two monks.
The monk sighed slightly when he saw that Jinyang had taken away the coffin. Twenty-four anchor beads rushed back and wrapped themselves up, letting the skyfire burn, but he did not move at all. The Buddha’s light flashed and disappeared into the sky in an instant.
Looking at the Buddha’s light far away, Jinyang can’t do anything about it, unless he uses the ontology of the God Emperor, but that will immediately expose his real strength, even if he leaves the two monks behind.
The thought of being teased by the other party made Jinyang feel bad. His whole face was filled with black gas, but he returned to normal in a blink of an eye. He said to many masters who followed him, "You, young people, don’t pay attention. Go and have another 300 cups. You won’t be drunk today."
Nobody wanted to talk about Jinyang, so they went back to the temple again, ate and drank freely, and reveled until midnight. Only then did they have to stop, and most of them were drunk and staggered away.
Jinyang was humbled, but he was helpless. The twenty-four fixed Haizhu were truly the fourth treasure in the innate Lingbao. They could enter and attack, and retreat and defend. Otherwise, they would really take it.
It took a long time to enter the Yuanyang Temple, and the four princesses who were married to him also rushed back to heaven with several emperors. Zilan was still sitting by the jade bed, and her head was still facing the happiness of the’ splendid mountains and rivers’, waiting for him to pick it up.
Seeing the purple orchid, Jinyang felt sweet in his heart, and immediately put aside his unhappiness, picked up Xipa, drank a toast, held the shy purple orchid, and poured it into the jade bed without mentioning it.
Ps: chapter 4 on the 25th. . . After the wedding, everyone has a ticket to smash, and it is useless to hide it. If you smash it, you can get points. . .

Celestial Volume Chapter 376 A slain man
Celestial Volume Chapter 376 A slain man
Xi Niu He Zhou, southeast region.
Mohe City, a huge city covering a hundred miles of Fiona Fang, is sandwiched between Mohe Mountain and the ocean. There are tens of millions of citizens in the city, 60% are ordinary people, and 40% are practitioners. Good and evil coexist, and the reputation is simple, regardless of rank. Under the governance of Taoist Tianfeng, the monks are clean and practice, and the people live and work in peace and contentment, which is also a paradise.
Taoist Tianfeng, the duke, is not a mortal, but a second-generation disciple of Juefeng Valley, a spiritual sect deep in Mohe Mountain. With the strong cultivation of Jin Xian, he has occupied the position of the duke for a hundred years. However, he is modest and treats practitioners and civilians equally, which is very popular and admired by all peoples.
Juefenggu is an orthodox sect of Taoism, and it is not called Daimon Masaru sect in heaven, but it can occupy a city by itself, and it can also be regarded as a first-class sect. There are more than 10,000 disciples in the sect, nearly 30% of whom have achieved the immortal way, and 50% of them also have the cultivation of robbery. The Taoist Master of the Valley, Tianxing, has the cultivation of true immortals.

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