Sky-breaking-nine prisons sink deep!

At the same time, the breaking leg method of Mahayana period followed, exactly like Nine, and the nine overlapping waves and legs were like a deep shadow.
Wrapped in a layer of battle clothes, Chen’s cold hands, elbows, feet and knees shine brightly, and the tip of the combat boots worn on his feet suddenly has a blade that emits cold light, which clearly has the quality of the first fairy.
The right leg was shot out in the sky, and the left knee flew in the air to take the center of the sky. The seemingly flexible kneepad was covered with rows of sharp teeth.
This is a real fairy, that is, the so-called ancient fairy in the fix true world!
With the true fire intensity of the person who fixes the truth, even six robberies and scattered immortals can’t be refined, but Chen Han is full of ancient immortals.
In fact, the first-class ancient fairy wares are nothing, and the super power is not without, and the number is quite large. The key is that all the tailor-made sets like him are almost non-existent. What’s really shocking is that in the hands of ordinary people who fix the truth, the ancient fairy wares can only play half the power at most, but they can play nearly 30% of the power in Chen Han, so that they are almost the same as the Chinese ancient fairy wares.
Under various growth rates, the power of the three-style volley is not much different from that of the super-order six-robbery scattered fairy. At this moment, it is good to mobilize 20% immortal power again.
The teleport that can be launched in the battle completely subverts everyone’s cognition, so even the insider of the avatar should be caught off guard, not to mention that Chengtian is the first time to see it?
"Don’t dare to stand upright!"
Cheng Qi, the elder of Taiyi Xianmen, whose background is no less than Bingjia’s, is now the master of the family. His face changes dramatically, and it is impossible for the two sides to help because they are too far away. His eyebrows suddenly condense into a bright glow: "Too mysterious-absolutely broken!"
Chen’s cold heart is not frightened, although he left the cause of Yuan God’s attack against Chengtian, but in the face of Yuan God’s attack of six robberies and scattered immortals, he will surely be unable to fight against it.
"Brother Cheng can’t!"
However, just as Cheng Qi’s eyebrows blew out a cyan transparent gas sword, the ice-dried sword was flagrantly blocked by Yuan Shen’s attack, and the two gas swords crashed into each other.
Void flush with a large number of blue lines, two people in order to back several steps, looks close.
Yuan Shen’s attack speed is extremely fast, but Chen Han’s attack is ahead. Almost when Cheng Qi collided with the ice-dried Yuan Shen’s sword, he managed to gather 20% immortal strength from Chengtian and confronted Chen Han’s three-way combo. Scratching a series of fried noise, Chen Han was only knocked back by dozens of meters, but Chengtian screamed out with blood, but his look was full of exciting smiles.
Booming …
The three sword lights released before have already been turned back, and they hit Chen Han’s chest, other doors and abdomen at the same time in no particular order.
Unfortunately, after being weakened and dispersed into three parts, the power of the sword light is only comparable to that of the super-order five-robbery scattered fairy. Under the immortal seal blessing, the body has a strong defense fairy, and even if it hits the body directly, it can’t do too much harm to him.
Chen Han was roared upside down by three beams of sword light, and everyone’s psychology was different, but except for a limited number of people, it was decided that he would die broke in this blow.
Fully withdrew from several kilometers, a wisp of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and Chen Han gently flicked his skirt without looking at Cheng Tian: "You won’t forget that you were so arrogant about Lao Zi three months ago. Do you really think you are qualified to teach Lao Zi a lesson? You, Chengtian, are a waste in Lao Tzu’s eyes. Even if Lao Tzu only has the late Mahayana, you are no match for me. "
"You … I want to kill you! You are just a disciple outside the door, a disciple outside the door I can crush to death. What makes you … "
"Kill me? Just a waste like you? "
Chen Han rudely interrupted him, sneering: "I won’t kill you, because you used to be good to the ice pupil. There is no place for you to talk here. Go away!"
Chengtian was shaking all over, his eyes became crimson as blood, and his breath was heavy like a mortal who had finished a marathon. The first disciple of his own biography was scolded as a waste by an outside disciple, but it turned out that he was really inferior to him, regardless of his fighting power or qualification.
The aura of genius no longer exists, the woman he likes has been robbed, and he has been humiliated in front of so many people. Looking down like garbage, his pride and dignity have been completely trampled under his feet.
"Chengtian, step down!" JiJianQiu heavy voice to stop.
"Son, step down!" Cheng qi couldn’t help but stop it.
"no! Not like this … It shouldn’t be like this … "
He looked around and saw countless faces, full of helpless pity, and some classmates who were bullied by him in the past, but now they are proud and playful. He felt unspeakable ridicule and irony, and his psychological defense line collapsed almost instantly. This kind of thing is absolutely not allowed to happen!
The extremely cold eyes were projected on Chen Han, and he shouted word for word: "Qin Yang, do you dare to wait for our seat for a day, and then fight it out after our injury?"
"Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey? Lao Tzu has defeated you, so why give you another day? What are we talking about? "
"You, dare? !”
"It’s not necessary, the defeated army will be brave enough."
"Dare not? In front of the woman you like, you are afraid. Are you still worthy of being a man? "
"dry! Since you want to die, I will help you, fuck you to death, and let you know if I am a man! "
"Very well! Right here, one day later, the decision of life and death! "
Say that finish, Chengtian took out a few pieces of Dan medicine and stuffed them into his mouth. He sat cross-legged on the ground and began to heal. The blow just now not only caused his body to suffer from light trauma, but the key point was that Yuan Ying and Yuan Shen were both shocked. Even with the assistance of Dan medicine, it would take a day to return to the heyday without hidden dangers.
SHEN WOO seal!
Chen cold with a XuanYin blessing in the body, he would have reached the critical point of breakthrough, but now the strength exposure has no scruples, just began to practice in front of everyone to prepare for a breakthrough, at the same time, take out the ice to dry off his scattered spirit and put it into his mouth.
The entrance of Dan medicine immediately turned into a burning heat flow, which circulated all over the body at an extremely fast speed, but unexpected things also happened …
Chapter 385 Conflicts abound
Scatter the spirit and return to Xu Dan!

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