Tang Wenlong took part in this year’s dunk contest.

He also participated in the long-awaited Griffin McKee and demar derozan, who happened to be two outside players and two linemen.
For the audience in China, this is an extraordinary star competition.
Can yellow people fly? This is a topic that has been discussed throughout the human species for a long time. From the most intuitive and historical point of view, no one will think that a tall man with two meters of yellow skin can jump to 30 feet and 35 feet.
Tang Wenlong, however, broke this view. He looks very flexible, and his height and weight have not affected him. He is more explosive than physical fitness alone, and he is also the top crowd in the NBA.
You know, his template is Tracy McGrady.
Therefore, it is not only the China audience who are looking forward to Tang Wenlong, but also the American audience who are looking forward to Tang Wenlong.
Before I signed up, I thought it was a lot of exhibition games on Star Weekend. One of them didn’t feel the pressure to participate in these seemingly meaningful events until the overwhelming media announced Tang Wenlong. Dunk champion, flying man in China and yellow skin dunk king all kinds of slogans with high hats have become more and more popular.
Tang Wenlong returned to Staples Center every other day to participate in the second day star weekend.
On this day, the stars were brighter than before the rookie challenge. Most NBA stars from all walks of life came to the arena, and Hollywood stars also appeared in the front audience of the stadium with heavy makeup. Today’s exposure is not the same as yesterday’s.
"Where am I sitting? Still in the front row? "
Tang Wenlong handed the tickets to Fang Chuxia when Fang Chuxia asked.
Tang Wenlong nodded. "Yes, but Joe has other things to do today, so you can watch the game alone."
"Isn’t there still you? How can you be alone?"
Tang Wenlong Zheng immediately touched Fang Chu’s head intimately. "You’re right and I’m optimistic. I’ve prepared a lot of dunks, which will definitely surprise everyone."
"Then come on!"
First, the shooting star competition.
Atlanta, Los Angeles, Texas and Chicago formed a star team to participate in this competition. A big player on the active line, a retired defender and a local other league star mixed a number of different identities to participate in the competition. After all, it was still a halftime shot to see if people finally won.
In the end, Horford, Kirk Miller and Steve Smith formed the Atlanta team to win the trophy.
Then there is the skill challenge
This is a game to test the basic skills of defenders, and it has gradually become a top point guard’s pursuit of an honor, which is very short compared with the three-point king skill challenge representing the honor of shooters. It took three years to make its debut on weekends.
Players who participated in the Skills Challenge this year.
Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Derek Ross, John Wall, Chris Paul
All point guards are very young, and the oldest Paul has just turned 26 now.
The winner was Steven Curry, a sophomore
Paul has been a top point guard for many years, but he has repeatedly lost his title in this competition. This year, it is a sad reminder challenge. A three-step basket actually came back from the basket neck and hit the board again to complete the move. This is the most amateur player who will not make a mistake. It looks like Paul played a joke with everyone, and the whole Staples burst out laughing rudely.
Tang Wenlong came to sit on the sidelines and play with his mobile phone. Suddenly, he heard a hilarious laugh, and then Curry grabbed his arm. The whole person laughed and leaned forward.
"What’s the matter?"
After the playback video came out, he also smiled. If Westbrook doesn’t enter, forget it. It is recognized as the first technical representative of point guard in Paul League!
"It’s really entertaining," Tang Wenlong commented.
When I heard Tang Wenlong’s comments around me, I laughed even more. Curry said, "Chris usually met me and prevented me from dying. Today, he was prevented by the basket. It really killed me."
Everyone was clamoring until the award was given to Curry, and they were still discussing the ESPN broadcast footage that Paul didn’t get into the shot just now, and it was also very well known that the public opinion kept appearing again and again. This shot was configured by Derek Ross Stephen Curry, a group of young players who laughed exaggeratedly.
Then there is the three-pointer contest.
This is a competition that is more hormonal than the skill challenge, especially when a group of excellent shooters get together.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, Dorrell Wright, Daniel Gibson, James Jones.
All six players have outstanding performances outside the three-point line during the regular season, and the top three of them are contestants in this year’s Star Race.
In particular, Durant won the championship before the game, because the sharp arrow outside the three-point line of the new generation super scorer has become his most common landmark weapon. In the season, his three-point shooting rate is as high as 40%, and most of the time he is directly facing the defender.
It didn’t make everyone think that Durant was the last player in the first round and actually threw a 6-point embarrassing score, which was not much better than that of Jordan.
"I have a higher three-point percentage than him!" O ‘Neill made a big mockery in the studio and laughed so hard that he couldn’t stop.
The scene was also rude, and it was not much different from when Paul missed the basket. Tang Wenlong saw Ray Allen throw a 2-point and Durant threw a 6-point, which was not as good as Daniel Gibson, the younger brother of the Cavaliers James.
So Tang Wenlong smiled from ear to ear. "I should come to the three-point contest. This looks more honorable than the dunk contest!"
"Then I think I can go to the slam dunk contest." Curry laughed next to Tang Wenlong.
Tang Wenlong rudely criticized Curry for being unrealistic. "Then you must be able to dunk first."
"Can I buckle it?" Courima changed from the embarrassing Durant who just came to the game to the dunk topic. "I rarely dunk in the game. Actually, I can dunk and even complete a 100-degree turn. You know Steve can dunk."
"That must be a century story!" Tang Wenlong laughed.
The two chatted with each other, and their attention gradually shifted to Durant’s embarrassing score. The 3-pointer contest quickly reached the final, and Pierce Ray Allen and James Jones competed for the championship.
Pierce had the lowest score in the preliminary round and threw a 1 when he arrived.
This score is actually quite high. In normal training, Tang Wenlong himself, that is, this level is generally stable at around 15 to 2 points.
As a result, Jones threw a 2-pointer in the second shot, and it was scary to watch the ball rush in.
High scores will inevitably affect the mentality of winning the championship. Ray Allen scored 2 points in the preliminary round, which means that he can’t miss two shots when he was worse than the preliminary round. Ray Allen’s hand became more and more stiff and he couldn’t grasp it when he reached the top of the third best arc. It is not as good as Pierce to get a 15 points in the end.
In the end, Jones won the three-point crown podium and was full of pride.
Dunk contest is the finale contest.
Although it has always been said that there are not many more ornamental dunks after the Carter Century Dunk Contest, there are still some very good dunks, such as the 76 ers’ old AI’s backhand dunk after hitting the big windmill, which is still fresh in Tang Wenlong’s memory.
Tang Wenlong, Griffin, McKee and demar derozan lined up in the center of the arena.
Dark lights shine
On the big screen, the four dunks have already been cut and broadcast to the world through the lens, followed by the live DJ’s unique emphasis on introducing the four people’s respective situations.
Tang Wenlong weighs six feet seven inches, 21 pounds, Griffin weighs six feet ten inches, 251 pounds, McKee weighs seven feet, 252 pounds, and demar derozan weighs six feet seven inches, 22 pounds.
"I’m a winner! I have a secret weapon! "

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