The demon raccoon coughed, "You three are not good enough. You can’t practice my Tao at the moment. If you practice your Tao diligently for a while, you will be rewarded by your teacher."

In the pool, Qinglikou said, "Master, it takes a long time to gain something from this refining method. It is impossible to practice by refining materials. It is hard to find materials for refining advanced instruments."
Whatever you want, you can fix it. Wu Chi naturally comforted that the materials should be found by the younger brothers and teachers. Although the practice of five flowers and blue glass is a fifteen-level monster, you can practice three strategies at the same time according to the unified setting, so you can practice the black evil spirit and blood.
From the master-apprentice attribute interface, we can see that Wuhua Green Beaver has taken the Wusha blood flame thunder refining article, and there are two fields: Shuijing Golden Rain Arrow Array and Shuiyun Crystal Armor Technique. These two fields are Qingli’s own Shuijing Golden Rain Arrow Array, which has been refined in the third layer, and Shuiyun Crystal Armor Technique has reached the second layer.
When everything was in order, the demon raccoon took his disciples out to brush the experience. With the experience of joining the brush with the green glass, the speed of the brush was a lot faster. The green raccoon had water to escape from the hidden circle, which could trap the 500-foot fish and insects in Fiona Fang into the circle and make its gangsters sleepy and eliminate their resistance.
With this magic circle, the experience of brush in Wuchi Demon Beaver is rapidly enhanced. Nowadays, the brush experience is divided into several steps: first, three green dumplings are used to drive away fish and insects, and then they are condensed into ice water dragons, and the chief hair sword awns of Arabian nights are smashed one by one, and then they dive into the water and enter the green glass water to escape the hidden magic circle to harvest the lives of those sleepy fish and insects.
When the water eludes me, I brush my experience with the hidden method array. Three green dumplings practice the skill of soaring clouds, and when Wu Chi is almost killed, I drive away fish and insects again, so the master and apprentice have experienced rapid growth, and their Taoist strength has increased by leaps and bounds for three days. The green glass has risen to level 9.
The freezing frequency of the five flowers and green glass water is very low, and it can be used again in three hours. The hunting range of the circle is very wide, and there are many fish and insects in it. After killing the fish and insects in Wuchi, the experience will increase by 2%.
Wu Chi’s brush experience continued day and night until the tenth day, when he reached the level 30, and the blue wave tactic was cultivated to the fifth floor, which inspired a spell-dividing the current solution. This spell is very strange and has no attack effect, but it is a kind of other people’s spell that is ornamental.
When a spell is triggered, the river can be split into a flat crystal waterway, and the bottom surface is smooth. Players can stand on both sides of the water wall to block the water from entering. The crystal waterway is 100 meters long, 20 meters wide and 50 meters deep.
A player wearing a blue cassock can’t see any sword and fern casting spells in the crystal channel. The fish and insects in the crystal wall suddenly fall apart, and the blood fog is dyed in the clear water. The chief of Fangda looks up and laughs wildly. "The shape knife array is really a good thing to kill fish without shadow."
The eleventh time, the great Brahman flame nine planets sun and moon
The eleventh time, the great Brahman flame nine planets sun and moon
After more than ten hours of day and night, Fang Da’s chief finally crossed the 30-level distance. Tang chop demanded that the target was two levels worse. But this is already the limit of Wu Chi’s physical strength and spirit. If you try hard, you will not be able to rise to the 40 th level. Looking at the 39 th level, Fang Da’s chief finally gave up.
The top of the three Mianshui biological chains, the green dumpling, the beautiful tail, but actually the most ferocious executioner’s hand, the five-flowered green carp, and a fat demon raccoon dog with bloody spots turned the 20 tributaries of Mianshui into dead areas. The river water was dyed red, the clear water was no longer clear and the nose was no longer bloody.
Although he didn’t keep his promise, Wu Chi was very satisfied. He was never a respectable person. These two grades led to his own physiological changes. That is to say, if it’s not worthwhile, he can’t spare ten days. He struggles in the game except for the necessary sleep.
Wu Chi gave up a training opportunity after rushing to the next level, which led the Miss Lan Mae to have the illusion that it was still easy to recognize the landlord’s work here. In the afternoon, the domestic maid left at a brisk pace and slammed the door, which sounded like an unbearable provocation to Wu Chi’s ear.
It’s a pity that in the face of this kind of provocation, Wu Chi’s response can be very good. For Wu Chi, level 30 is no different from level 40. The magic weapon of Wu Chi has updated a theory of rank or actual attack power, which is a qualitative change
The attack of Guishui-shaped air blade cloud seal character is terrible, 4~5 times higher than that of the fifth-order flying sword spirit snake sword, and it is a magic weapon. Guishui-shaped knife array can attack far and close, which is both an attack magic weapon and a defense. The cross-sectional exhibition of the I-shaped knife array can reach 70 feet.
This protection area is enough to protect Wu Chi’s whole body. The cloud seal character is an attack magic weapon. There is no defense numerical identification, but the actual defense effect is super strong. The guy who blocked the killing of Fengxin in Lugu Lake was the one who resisted a thunder and shock attack by Wu Chi Zixiao.
Purple clouds thunder shock wave attack power is as high as 7~ This shape of knife array can be used as a magic weapon. The defensive effect of Purple House turtle shell can be converted into the defensive value of air blade cloud seal symbol, which can reach nearly 10,000. It can be said that Wu Chi’s life safety has been greatly enhanced with this magic weapon.
Guishui-shaped gas blade sends shadow to the target until death, and it is not known that the attacked end is a sneak attack weapon. According to the system, the defensive magic weapon has the function of automatic excitation, but the defense effect of such excitation is not as strong as that of active urging.
Defensive magic weapon can automatically stimulate the defense value, which can actively stimulate two-thirds of flying swords and dazzling others, but no one can prevent it when they see their own defense.
Wu Chi’s contented mind made the fish and insects in the water wall dismember one by one. They died peacefully without fear, sadness or even consternation. They marched away from this virtual world in a leisurely way, of course, for a while, and they will naturally refresh themselves and fish again.
Level 30 also means that a super equipment can be worn. It’s Dongting Lake with white hair and small explosion. Tianxin Moon Ring hangs up the curtain of Dongting Lake. Tianxin Wu Chi moves a super nuclear weapon. In January, it can be a treasure, but it is suspected that it is worth Tianxin Moon Ring. The value of it is immeasurable.
Tianxin Moon Ring Six-order Defense and Five-resistance Magic Weapon Once it reaches Level 30, Wu Chi’s personal purple house Xuan turtle symbol can be retired. The value of surface mark defense 3 is not the point. Its value lies in the affiliated nine planets Sun Moon Cover spell. This spell is really abnormal, and its attributes are powerful and amazing.
Nine planets’s Sun-Moon Cover spell represents three kinds of defense methods, and three kinds of defense forms can be promoted on land. One of them can promote the flame of the Brahma sun god when it is sunny in the daytime, and the cold moon when there is a moon at night. The sword method can promote the starlight to fly and bind when it is on the moon.
The Brahma Sun God Flame Active Defense Daoism can eliminate 12~15 kinds of attack Daoism. The active defense method of the Moon Cold Sword Array can eliminate the attack power by 12~15, and all kinds of attack methods have a 5% chance to cut off the flying sword equipment; Starlight Flying Mystery Bound Passive Defense Daoist Attack Power 16 All kinds of attack equipment will probably be captured by Starlight Flying Mystery Bound.
On that day, after Wu Chi saw this magic weapon attribute, his heart was really dying. It was not without reason that the magic weapon was so arrogant. It was enough for him to run rampant. Why didn’t he come to Shennong to find such a small baby? This surprised Wu Chi and made him feel incredible.
However, the fact is that after the white-haired curtain was exploded, Tianxin didn’t come to Shennong District. No one found his trail for a long time, and Wu Chi lost it. Today, he wore Tianxin Moon Ring, which is even more dependent on his heart. Even if that scene of Tianxin is going to come back, it will take a lot of effort.
Looking at the warm sun, Wu Chi promoted the Brahma sun god, the flame, the heavenly heart and the moon ring. Although there are water restrictions, at this moment, Fang Da’s chief executive is not using the water surface, but condensing into a crystal surface. There is no such restriction. Suddenly, a red sun appears above Wu Chi’s head.
It floats and glows with dazzling golden awns, and the flames in the sun wheel sometimes fall around Wuchi, forming a flame curtain. The big boss stands in it and seems to ignite the golden flame. Looking straight like a big pick, the golden fairy end is a solemn weather, and it can’t be stared at.
Ha, ha, ha ~ Wu Chi, ha, ha, ha. Looking at the reflection on the crystal ground, I’m really proud. Who else in this magic weapon alliance can hurt me? I’m afraid I can’t even cut Tang and Zi Yi.
A red sword awn crossed the water wall. Someone sent it to Wu Chi, took a look, and learned that Tang chop had rushed to level 50 and told him to go for a while.
Well, well, well, I always go to see him. It’s still unknown how to set up a formal organization when I reach level 50. Tang chop this little bit and let myself go to Xiangyang for a walk, but sometimes I think it’s just to discuss this matter today. Wu Chi ordered his disciples to leave immediately and fly to perineum.
In order to brush the experience, the mission of Fangshan God canceled this week’s meeting, and the three directors of the alliance could not take any action without going to the mission of Fangshan God. When the sweet potato came back from the meeting, he once sent a letter to Wu Chilai telling Wu Chiwu, Fish Demon and him that nothing happened, so they strolled around the pillar of reincarnation and then went home separately.
Arriving at the headquarters of perineum alliance, I saw Tang chop, purple clothes, level 50 Tang chop, and I didn’t see any change in appearance. It’s still a mang suit. Ma Xie has long hair and looks like a beggar. It’s a natural beggar. Wu Chi said in his heart that the murderer Tang chop decoration is very chivalrous. Thousands of players in the alliance recognize it.
Tang looked at Wu Chi with the words "Level 5" on his head and said, "You boasted about the obscene song ten days ago, but now you can arrive?" Tang, the murderer, showed the basic attributes to let Wu Chi see clearly.
Wu Chi Xi Xi smiled, "Tang, I don’t have you so tough. When I talk about level 50, I will go to level 50 and level 40, but I also rushed to level 30." Then he also showed the level identification.
I didn’t blame Wu Chi for not practicing what he said. "You have worked hard to reach level 30. Although I have reached level 50, it will take some time to formally establish the organization. You just have to cross level 40 before the organization is formally established."
Wu Chi asked, "Have you found the NPC?"
Tang chop a smile "is waiting for you to come, the three of us will go to Xiangyang to meet the satrap first. I have seen him many times before, but it’s a pity that the level can’t be rooted and nothing can be shown now."
The three swords were connected into one alliance, and the three top leaders flew to Xiangyang together. Now the situation is very different when Wu Chi came. The bottom climbs are all low-level players, and all of them are high-level swordsmen. The imperial swords in the central city are not allowed to enter or walk through the gates.
Several gates in Xiangyang City are full of people waiting in line to enter, not to mention thousands of people at the bottom, which is as dense as ants. Wu Chi asked in surprise, "Why are so many people coming to Xiangyang City?"

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