When martial arts practice to the extreme, there is an intuition that transcends ordinary people. With this intuition, Mo Lin escaped many times of danger, and the warning signs suddenly appeared, and Mo Lin immediately became nervous.

Xiaobai seems to smell something. He throws Mountain hare away from his mouth and twitches his nose. "There is blood …"
"What’s the matter?" Chou lift tent curtain to ask.
"Don’t come out of the three of you." Mo Lin’s low-handed hand has already built a waist and red soul
Xiao Zhou is busy shrinking his head back. Without a large-scale army, the individual combat effectiveness of the sea people is almost equal to his lack of adventure money in front of the magic beasts.
Linghuzi and Yueyao are not at ease with things outside. I don’t know how many magic beasts, Mo Lin and Xiao Bai, have been smashed like dust all the way. This time it’s probably the same.
They didn’t see Mo Lin and Xiao Bai’s face outside the tent. One person and one demon exchanged glances and secretly prepared.
The faint breath from a distance feels that the magic beast is not simple when it comes back.
"Eldest brother, I’ll go and have a look at your tent." Xiao Bai smiled and flashed his claws.
It’s always unpleasant to meet the magic beast all the way and not fight with the Thunderbirds.
This time, I seem to have met a very fierce magic beast, Xiao Bai, and his ferocity has returned. Seeing his red eyes, Mo Lin can also say, "Be careful."
"Don’t worry," Xiao Bai ground his teeth and swooshed into the snow. He was covered in pure white and jumped into the snow as if he had got natural protective color. The ink forest was so fast that he could see a white light flashing and then disappeared.
Xiaobai went for a while without any interest. Molin frowned and felt that something was wrong. He calmed his mind and tried his best to let himself think in this dangerous environment and feel hundreds of steps nearby.
The snow seems to have slowed down, and the ink forest will expand the gods’ knowledge
He could see a huge shadow moving slowly, ten paces away from the tent.
Suddenly, Mo Lin stared at the vast white ground in front of him, and the palm of his hand burst into three red, orange and yellow psionic fires, flashing in front of him.
"Come out!" Ink Lin a binge drinking three psionic energy stung to the ground.
"bang!" When psionic powers hit the ground, the white ground cracked and a monster emerged from the inside.
This is a huge reptile with a length of 15 meters and a snake-like head. The body is long and bloated, and the center expands into a prototype as if it were carrying a roulette wheel. The reptile still has four chicken-like feet and a tail, and its body is covered with dense green fluff.
"You’re very alert, human." The magic beast rushed out of the ground and twisted its body to avoid three psionic powers.
The psionic power blasted him, causing the ground to shake in the pothole, and the snow suddenly became a mess when it was still clean.
Ink Lin coldly looked at him to pull out the red soul, blood red, and the red soul was particularly conspicuous in the snow.
"My name is Pejrud, and you?" The reptile didn’t take the initiative to attack, but asked Mo Lin very leisurely.
"Molin" Molin replied.
"What a strange name. You’re not from the sea, are you? Where are you from?" It seems a little itchy that Pei Lu Dehao is scratching around in her spare time.
"I’m from Chixian Shenzhou"
"Oh … is the far east mainland? I heard from Bailong Hall that I didn’t expect it to be like that. Do you also have dragons there? " Pejrud seems curious.
Molin truthfully said, "I once had it, but I died."
"Are you? I think you smell very similar to the White Dragon Hall. "Pejrud suddenly said," If you close your eyes and tell by your nose, I’ll tell you are my kind. "
Mo Lin’s heart is fiercely aware of how to work hard to leave the red dragon brand on himself. I’m afraid I can’t eliminate the smell of that demon force all my life.
"Hey, since you are Chixian Shenzhou human, why do you want Wan Li to come all the way here to fight the magic beast?" Pejrud asked again.
"Because I want water dragon balls," said Mo Lin. He felt that although Pejrud was ugly and hateful, his temperament was different from his fantasy beast, which was very interesting and he didn’t mind talking to him more.
"Dragon Ball … that’s the power source of Bailongdian. He won’t give it to you." Pejrud left the pie mouth.
"There is no way to save my mainland. I can do this," Molin said.
"I don’t know which continent people live in. They all think the same. They think the world belongs to them, whether it’s a monster beast or a phantom beast or a lowlife in a dirty world. Do you think so?" Pejrud grimaced.
Mo Lin froze, but he never thought that Pejrud would come up with such a question full of philosophical flavor.
"I don’t know how to answer? You are human beings. When will you realize that the world is fair? What is the truth that in order to save your mainland, we have to make up for it with the life of our magic beast! " Perud became angrier and angrier, and the green fluff shook up, shaking off the falling snow.
Molin was speechless. He had asked himself this question for a long time, but he couldn’t get an answer. But there are two things in the world. To save his beloved home, he must collect all the five dragon balls and fight the magic beast.
So right or wrong, he has taken care of himself, even if he is a chivalrous man, it is just difficult to get around people. Since the law is satisfactory, he feels guilty.
These thoughts flashed through the ink, and they were instantly quiet. They were cold and said, "Don’t say much, I beg for the Dragon Ball."
"Very well, then I’ll give you the Dragon Ball." Pejrud twisted his body and the green fluff suddenly shot out of it. It was like a drizzle of ox hair and went straight to Molin.
Molin had been prepared to lean forward for a flash, and the spicules shot through the virtual shadow and stabbed the ground.
Dodge at the same time, the red soul in Molin’s hand also made moves. Ling swept away the sword body, and the fire flashed. The sword mans spit out three feet and cut Perudder’s body impartially.
The compensated fire is the pure energy of Mo Lin’s body. The power of mountain rubble can’t compare with that of Pejrud’s body. After being chopped by the compensated fire sword, he cracked a mouth and spit out a foul green pus, which then healed quickly.
And Pejrud twisted his body and not only shot a bone needle into his mouth, but also spewed hot and high-temperature fire to see how flexible he was. This sword root didn’t cause him any fatal damage.
"What a strange guy …" Floating in the ink forest to avoid fire.
The second impact of the Red Soul is more powerful this time. The sword awn is divided into three colors and three chakras. It is hoped that it can cut Pejrud’s body and then pour the psionic energy into it to burst his body.
I didn’t expect Pejrud to be very flexible. Although his body is huge, he can throw his tail and raise several pieces of snow mixed with bone needles, especially his bulging body, which is flat and bulging in the middle, like a blower to squeeze out a foul-smelling strong breeze from his mouth.

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