"I can’t do primary magic … but I can do intermediate magic." I went on to say that Trina still didn’t believe me and asked, "Can you show us?"

"Yeah, but I can’t control it very well …" Although I can, I can’t master it very well.
"Don’t worry about it without me." Trinya urged me to say that I would do as she said. When I remembered Alice’s formula before, I read it aloud.’ Great water element, please release your strength. Your strength will destroy the enemy in front of me! Water is tough!’ With the completion of the spell, my hand gradually merged with the element of water and gradually formed a water knife. At this time, everyone’s mouth opened into an "O" shape, and they looked at me and killed me. They didn’t believe it, but the fact was before them. They had to believe it.
"Good teacher …" I controlled my hand and looked at Trinya with a water knife, saying that I could display it even if I didn’t say a spell. Fighting with a magic cockroach made my magic grow a lot, but if I didn’t say a spell, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to control it well and hurt people. At this time, Trinya was awakened by my answer and hurriedly said, "Okay, we see you. Put it away quickly."
After listening to her words, I put the water knife away, and then I sat down. I looked at her for nothing and let me sit down … At this time, she was full of doubts that a teenager could not know a primary magic, but could actually know an intermediate magic! This logic absolutely doesn’t make sense. Did he deliberately show off? But it doesn’t look like a show. It seems easy to understand the genius boy. Everyone in the class was stunned by my performance just now. What kind of strength did this classmate hide? Now they are almost thinking about this question. As soon as I sat down next to me, Cotten was surprised and asked me softly, "You were amazing just now! Who did you learn from? " I was just about to answer when I heard Terenya cough a sign that we should be quiet, so let’s be quiet.
In this way, a class passed in surprise. As the bell rang, almost everyone gathered around me and sat next to me. Kotern first asked, "If you haven’t answered my question just now, who is your master?" Many boys nodded their heads, because Cotten also asked questions in their hearts, but some girls introduced themselves directly. "If you are cold, my name is … can I be friends with you?" Do you have a girlfriend? " I was so stunned that Trinya finally helped me out.
"Ruohan, it seems that someone is waiting for you outside. Is it your friend?" I looked in the direction Trinya pointed, only to find that Luo Yali and Suo Na were already looking at me at the door, and then I broke free and ran to them and said, "Hi!" But Luo Yali said with a face of injustice, "Hum, I can’t believe that Brother Han is very popular", which provoked Suo Na to cover her mouth and smile. I was embarrassed and touched my head and said, "Hehe … I just met my classmates today."
"oh? Those girls don’t seem to treat you like classmates? "Luo Yali held her mouth and said that I was dizzy and didn’t know where to offend her. At this time, Sona was next to me to clear the way." Well, if your cold brother is popular, it’s also a good thing. Let’s not come to him for dinner. If we don’t go, we won’t have to eat. "She didn’t stop pulling me and Suo Na away from the scene until we left them.
"ah! Didn’t Luo Yali and Suo Na just now! They are the top ten school girls in the school, ranking third and fifth! How do you know that little guy? I’m so envious. No! When he comes, we’ll have to cross-examine him and let him give an account! " I don’t know who suddenly shouted these words, and then the boys agreed that the girls left the classroom with a face of disappointment, but they laughed to themselves, "Hehe, it’s getting more and more interesting" and then slowly left the classroom.
When I came to the dining hall, I saw that students were waiting in line to send meals. According to this sample, we were all in the sun. Sona Haonai suggested, "Let’s eat outside. I don’t want to be silly …" After listening to Suo Na’s suggestion, Luo Yali was the first to agree, "Hmm! That’s right, but who will treat you? "
"Of course, if you are a cold brother, you won’t ask us two girls to treat you, will you?" Suo Na said with a smile, but I couldn’t say, "I have a few gold coins from my grandfather. I don’t know if it’s enough?" After listening to Roche, I said, "In this world, you have to have money to buy things, but you can’t buy anything without money. Then you handed me a few gold coins, and I realized the importance of money. Without money, it is even difficult to eat."
"That’s enough. It’s not like asking you to treat us to delicacies. It’s a problem that you are so distressed to chase girls after saving." Suo Na laughed and joked, but Luo Yali had already blushed in her heart, and she scolded this outspoken Suo Na. How could I tell him this at this time? I was silly and laughed next to wait for a while.
In a short time, the three of us came to a restaurant at the entrance of the college. There were also many students who came out to eat. Probably, they couldn’t get used to the food in the canteen. When the boys saw Suo Na and the two of them, they came to say hello. "Hey, what a coincidence! Would you like to come and eat with us?" Luo Yali, however, ignored them. They were flies in their eyes, so they kept harassing them when they went to school. Of course, they wouldn’t give them a good look when they met outside, so they took me to a nearby empty table, which made them particularly angry! Look at my eyes, it’s almost a fire, but it’s not good that the two beautiful women have lost their manners for a while, but I didn’t know it was full of gunpowder.
"If Brother Han ignores them, they are all annoying people who will bother us when they have nothing to do at ordinary times!" Luo Yali said angrily that Suo Na nodded straight next to her, and then she ordered food. Soon a table of rich food was placed in front of us, but now I am not in the mood to eat, wondering if those gold coins are enough.
"It’s okay! Let’s eat! "Luo Yali started to move first, and Suo Na followed me to eat these delicious foods … so a meal ended in a pair of bold and envious eyes, and I just crustily skin of head and shouted to Xiao Er to settle the bill. My face cleared up when I heard the bill. It turned out that this table of food just now cost only fifty silver coins in total, and I have far enough money. This can’t blame me for not knowing that these gold coins are worth a hundred silver coins and a silver coin is equal to ten copper coins. So I paid the bill with peace of mind.
Chapter 16 Wushu competition
After paying the money, we were satisfied and stepped out of the hotel. Just as we were about to go back to the college, we suddenly rushed to the front. A handsome-looking red-haired teenager was surrounded by four or five companions. Luo Yali, who was also a student in the college, immediately shouted, "Lars, what do you want to do?" ?” At this time, this Lars smiled and said, "I want to invite Miss Luo Yali to go out to play together. I wonder if Miss Luo is interested?" But ya-li luo gave him a white "hum! Dream on, who doesn’t know that you are a famous goat and there are fewer girls planted in your hands! "
"Miss ya-li luo said that but it’s too wronged! I have always been infatuated with you. How can you deny me on the basis of a few rumors outside? " Lars still kept pestering her. Sona saw this and went to the rescue, saying, "Lars, please let us have something to do."
"oh? Is Miss Suo Na here, too? Ha ha, so much the better. Please invite Suo Na to join us. "Lars seems to have just discovered the scene in Suo Na with a smirk.
"I’m not interested. Besides, Yaer is with her boyfriend now. Does it make sense that you want to take her girlfriend without telling others?" Suo Na said also deliberately looked at me.
"Boyfriend? Miss Suo Na is so funny, aren’t you? Are you saying that this man beside Miss Luo Yali is her boyfriend? " Lars just looked at me face to face.
"Don’t you see that the two of them are close?" Suo Na pointed to Luo Yali, who was holding my hand at this moment, and said Lars’s face was full of dissatisfaction and said, "Hum! If you want to be Miss Luo Yali’s boyfriend, you have to see if you have the strength. How about letting this little girl compete with me and be Luo Yali’s boyfriend? "
"Lars, everyone knows that your college ranks second in Wushu, and you have a first brother to support you, and he just arrived at the college today. Do you think it’s fair?" Suo Na said contemptuously, but this Lars continued to disdain to say, "Hum, I want to associate with Miss Luo Yali, the third beauty in the college. I don’t have the strength to say it. If you wear it out, you won’t allow it, will you?" Since he wants to be her boyfriend, he has to take every challenge seriously or go away! "
"Lars, you don’t go too far! Be careful that I tell my grandfather! " At this time, Luo Yali has been forbearing, but Lars said contemptuously, "Hum! What’s the big deal about your grandpa? Don’t listen to my dad’s orders. I think it’s okay for me to open the prime minister’s office and match your granddaughter. "
"You … you" Luo Yali was too angry to speak at this time, but this Lars continued to say to himself, "Besides, even if your grandfather saw my dad, he had to be respectful. Many officials tried their best to liberate my dad. Your grandfather just came to give my dad shoes, and my dad still had to think about it!" When he said this sentence, he was doomed to pay for it. At this time, he was just stupidly listening to their war of words. After hearing this sentence, I couldn’t help but say, "OK! I accept your challenge, but I don’t care if I hurt you then! " I can’t stand by and watch my benefactor get slandered here.
"oh? You still want to hurt me? Haha, this is ridiculous. I think you should worry about yourself. "Lars must have been used to bossiness after hearing me say that.
"Hum! Who wins and who loses will know, but if you lose, please don’t bother Yali again, "I stared at him and said."
"Well, what if I want to see her after I lose and promise to take a detour but you lose?" Lars said, and his fingers scratched his ears.
"If I lose, I won’t go anywhere near Yali!" I know that he may not agree to this except this bet, but Luo Yali next to him refused and said, "If Brother Han doesn’t compete with him, let’s just ignore him!" " I smiled and said to her, "Don’t worry, I won’t lose to such people. Why don’t you have confidence in me?" The words made Luo Yali nervous and said, "No … No … It’s …"
"Well, don’t worry. I promise to beat him to you then!" I patted her head and said with a smile that Suo Na was also worried at this time. "Is it really okay if it’s cold?"
"It’s okay, you’ll know when the time comes." I also smiled and told her that she didn’t have to worry.
"Well, don’t talk nonsense. The game will be decided after school this afternoon. Are you studying magic? Or learn martial arts? " At this time, Lars finally couldn’t see the past and said
"well! I’ll be martial arts. What about you? " Because my magic is not well controlled, I’m afraid it will hurt people’s lives when the time comes. I just came to the college and don’t want to make any trouble to choose Wushu. Because I have mastered it much better since I was a child, Lars smell speech laughed. "Haha, compete with me?" Did I hear you right? Well, let’s go according to your friends! " He took away the hands that surrounded us just now.

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