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"Aunt, are you all right?" Su Ling patted Zhao Chunping’s back before she walked three or two steps. She was smooth, but when her palm just touched her body, she felt Zhao Chunping’s resistance and a thrill.
As Su Ling patted Shun Qi, Zhao Chunping’s cough gradually became smaller, but her cheeks were still flushed. She raised her eyes and curled her eyes. Su Ling’s eyes were obscure and dark, and she caressed her chest as if shaking her head. "Ling Er, why are you back! I’m telling you a joke, auntie. She’s getting older and older, so she won’t win! I can’t even hold the porcelain bowl. I really don’t know how many years this body can last! "
"Aunt don’t say that! It’s unlucky for you to say these things when you are in the prime of life! " Su Ling and Zhao Chunping looked at her side, and her cheeks were full of love, and her heart was mixed.
Once upon a time, everyone in her mansion was sincere to her, and when she married Huang Yinchen, she would not hesitate to sacrifice herself.
If she doesn’t know how to be grateful, she will care about these people’s lives! She Su Ling is still a foreigner after all!
Zhao Chunping tried to carefully observe Su Ling’s every move, even though she didn’t let go of every subtle expression, but Su Ling’s cheeks and brow saw a piece of sincerity!
Maybe she really wants to!
"Ling son ok are you all right! A few days ago, when I was near the lotus pond, my aunt was really you … Just because you are safe now, my heart is finally safe! Nowadays, the world is not ancient. You should pay attention to Ann alone, you know? Remember not to follow one’s inclinations as in the body house! Don’t let us worry about you! " Zhao Chunping looked at Su Ling with an elder attitude and taught her how to behave at this time. If Su Ling didn’t have doubts about her in her heart, she was afraid that Su Ling would still treat her as a relative with her preaching!
Su Ling slightly lowered her eyes and gathered a cold light from her eyes to hide her lips. She also moved like a wry smile. Then Su Ling nodded in Zhao Chunping’s torch line of sight. "Aunt, you can rest assured that I will take care of myself! I heard a few days ago that you were ill with shock. I just came to see you when I got back to the office today! I don’t know if Auntie can recover now? "
On hearing Su Ling’s inquiry and being frightened by Zhao Chunping’s face, he flashed a lot of emotions, but after all, he was still very fond of the mistress of the mansion. Even if he did more bad things, he would gradually become indifferent.
Chun-ping Zhao pulls Su Ling hand patting her hand and says, "With you, my old bones will surely recover even if her condition is serious! Linger has worried you! Recently, things are always ups and downs in our house. If you have plenty of time, spend more time with your mother. Your father is busy in the past few weeks. You often go out early and go home late. It is difficult for your mother to be a little lonely. Go around more. I will accompany her when my bones are better! "
Su Ling looked at Zhao Chunping with a smile, singing well, showing this man. Once he has doubts about a thing or a person, it can’t be changed overnight.
What’s more, she thinks she has enough reason to doubt Zhao Chunping, but many things are temporarily missing some evidence!
In that case, she might as well have a dose of material!
Su Ling concealed her little hand and pulled it back from Zhao Chunping. At the same time, she smiled and said, "Aunt, when you are serious, I have some busy mothers. I will take more care of them! Aunt, if there’s nothing to do behind the lotus pond, it’s better not to go. After all, the carnation may be drowning now, but it’s really strange to say that she has lived in the mansion for nearly 20 years. How did she end up like this?
She has been to the place near the lotus pond for so many years and not a hundred times. How can she finally fall in? It’s incredible! "
Su Ling has always been in the back position of Zhao Chunping’s side. Although her tone sounds a little puzzled and even complains, her naked eyes are cold and cold, and she looks at Zhao Chunping’s side face.
If a person has done something wrong, even if her heart is so strong, there must be a way to control the emotional flash in her subtle expression.
And Su Ling so decided that Zhao Chunping looked at her side face behind her and asked her to clearly capture Zhao Chunping’s micro-motion look at the end of her eyes. When she looked at the console table not far away, she went straight to the front and took a cup of green tea. Zhao Chunping and her maid walked back slowly in the line of sight. "Aunt didn’t scare you!" Have some tea to calm down the alarm. No matter how much Dianthus died, it’s all over now. It’s rare to go back to the government today. I’ll go and see my mother and aunt first. If there’s anything, I can always ask someone to find me! "
Before Zhao Chunping could answer, Su Ling turned and left with a smile. Now she can’t wait to find some evidence to prove Zhao Chunping’s evidence!
Everything happens for a reason. She thinks that if she wants to know whether Zhao Chunping did those things, the most important thing is to follow the lead! She is confident that she can get to the bottom of everything slowly in the future!
There’s still plenty of time. Let’s take our time!
"Miss, you are back!"
Fang walked back to Feng Shuang Yuan Su Ling, whose front foot had just entered the courtyard, and then there was a pink figure coming with the wind. Su Ling looked intently and saw Bi Rao in a simple pink skirt and jumped into front of her in the blink of an eye with excitement and unspeakable joy.
Su Ling smiled and patted her face and asked, "Thank you very much. How is my mother recently?"
Brigitte Rao and Su Ling grew up together for a long time, and the friendship made her hold Su Ling’s arms directly. They walked into the main hall and said, "Miss, you can rest assured that my wife is well cared for by me! But … "
When I heard Bi Rao’s slightly slow tone, Su Ling looked at her delicate face and showed a tangled look. Bi Rao didn’t want to hide it. She looked around and immediately said, "There is nothing wrong with my lady recently, but every time I get up at night these days, I can always see her sitting in front of the window crying alone. I think maybe it’s the death of Dianthus’s sister that has made her forget all the time, and even though her body has recovered, I feel that she is talking less and less, and she has been sitting in the house all day playing with embroidery. You don’t know that you have stabbed her finger several times without knowing it!
Miss, what do you say? "
Brigitte Rao Su Ling confidant and Xiang Fu grew up naturally knowing how deep her feelings with Feng Rujun are, which is why she will be worried about her wife’s performance now.
Su Ling smell speech expression is a bit dull. Now she has a lot of questions in her heart, but she can’t say anything. She can’t guarantee that if she says something to Feng Rujun again, she will faint again. Will she be a person?
And even if Bi Rao doesn’t tell her, she can feel that Feng Rujun’s mood is extremely unstable recently. She seems to be still trying to endure something. If there are some things in broad daylight, she believes that even if Feng Rujun has the intention to hide, it will not succeed.
Now she can wait for Feng Rujun to resist depression in her heart or hide everything again. Then I believe that even if she doesn’t ask her, she will tell it herself!
I thought about the seriousness of the matter carefully in my heart, and then Su Ling looked at Bi Rao and shook her head and said, "You can rest assured of these things. No matter what your stepmother does, don’t ask and don’t have doubts. Just let her feel at ease and live a good day!"
"Miss don’t worry I measured! Madam is in the room now. Would you like to see her? "
"Well, let’s go!"
Feng Rujun in the room is sitting in the window at this time, holding embroidery in his hand and holding a quiet face to outline the splendid scenery.

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