"Master … but I taught myself all the courses in high school two years ago, so it seems unnecessary."

"Your teacher, I still have three doctorates and five master’s degrees …"
"Then can I go to high school?"
"If you can’t be an apprentice, how can you be higher than the master’s grade? You can transfer to a class in the second day of junior high school."
"Can I be in the same class as the master in the third grade?"
"I can’t do this, master. I’m so naughty. No more objections. Remember to call my cousin when I see the master at school …"
Skip a period of ordered reading mentoring dialogue. Bai Cen Can not only completed Tang Keying’s transfer as a parent, but also cleaned up the troubles left by Chu Yu’s beating Korea’s stick. When President Huang knew that Bai Cen Can was a director of Tianbao Consortium, he was not so excited that he hugged the former. Yu Yu’s punishment was, of course, forgotten early.
"I heard that Y Middle School is going to build a multi-functional gymnasium, so I will pay for the construction of the gymnasium, which is a contribution of the students …"
It’s a gymnasium. I’m afraid it’s not Chu Yu who hit the Koryo stick. Even if he beat up the teacher, the principal will probably pretend not to see it.
The third volume Huashan looking for demons
Chapter 51 Fire cloud Baal
"You didn’t come to class the day before yesterday and yesterday". Su Jingyi sat beside Chu Yu who was in repose.
"I went to pick up my cousin." Chu Yu was very relieved to find a reasonable excuse.
"Your cousin?" Su Jingyi tilted her little head. "Does your cousin read, too?"
"She! Has been transferred to our school, now is the second day class 1 students … "Chu royal freely should way.
"Then let’s go together after class today. You also introduce me to your cousin." The girl smiled.
"no problem"
Just when they were talking, a heavy sound came out of the playground outside the window. "Xiao Yi, I think of the answer. Come out quickly."
"Bad how to forget this counterparts?" Chu Yu frowned and hesitated. Eventually, he left the classroom and walked towards the playground. Sooner or later, it didn’t make much sense to completely send this guy Lu Dinghai away and then hide.
See Chu Yu from the teaching building out of the playground grinning, shouting Lu Dinghai suddenly eyes a bright three-step and two-step to go.
"I think of the answer. When you give me the question, I can answer it now. It’s agreed that you can’t cheat. You must accept me."
Staring at the sight of one meter and nine big guys, I said excitedly that Chu Yu shook his head. "It’s the 21st century. How can ancient martial arts be extinct?" He already has a baby Qiao ACTS son nature can’t accept this big guy and this big guy although talent is good nine Yang thunder pulse is relatively rare physique, but compared with Tang Keying is sent a lot and his talent advantage is also refined treasure cabinet … "
"Don’t tell me your understanding of Wu Ji because this body is a solution to the problem" Chu Yu cut the gordian knot.
Lu Dinghai a pair of small eyes fly a few wait for a while looked at chu royal a long time to react "you mean you have been playing me …"
"I’m not playing with you, I’m tired of being entangled. Now I’m really serious about telling you that I can’t accept you after your acts …" In the middle of the words, Chu Yu suddenly saw a small piece of fire cloud passing over the distant sky, but his eyesight was clear at a glance. "What’s wrong with this fire cloud old ghost? I just came to school."
At the same time, Chu Yu saw Lu Dinghai’s face lost and angry, and his mind flashed, "Do you want to find a real master to learn from?"
"Really superior?" Lu Dinghai was startled and asked, "Is it worse than you?"
"Much better," Chu Royal told the truth.
"Of course."
"There are many eyes here, but come with me." I looked up at the red clouds in the sky, and it was getting closer and closer. Chu Yu should run to the back of the school. Because the gymnasium will be razed in the near future, it has been forbidden for others to enter, which is a lonely place.
When Chu Yu Lu Dinghai ran to the back of the hill, the flaming cloud in the sky was gone, but in front of them, an old monk in rags appeared.
"Dead old ghost, your heart can not pass me! To expose my identity is not how to play … "Chu Yu said rudely.
"Hey hey, anyway, there’s no one around here …" Huoyun said in half that he noticed Lu Dinghai beside Chu Yu. "Who’s this little guy?"
"Don’t worry about who he is. This is not a place to talk about it when you get back to the villa."
"Well, I’ll walk first." Huoyun Road is also unambiguous, and the voice is instantly exhausted.
"… the old man … how suddenly disappeared …" I saw this incredible scene with my own eyes. Lu Dinghai held the leng way.
"Just want to know what to go with me" Chu Yu chuckled.
Chu Yu, a villa in Zhangjiang Tomson Haoyuan, just knocked on the door and found that Huoyun Laodao was holding a bottle of Maotai in the living room. "Grandma, this time, the Qiantang River and his party have tossed me lightly."
"Hey, how did you bring him …" I saw Lu Ding, a sea fire cloud veteran who took the door with Chu Yu, wondering.
"Don’t worry about the Qiantang River, old ghost. You should know that there is a magical skill in our refined treasure cabinet." Chu Yu sat down on the sofa and said.
"It’s true that it’s a must to talk about observing people’s talent and observing people’s talent, and refining the treasure cabinet’s’ true knowledge and eye’." Huoyun Road said noncommittally.
Chu Yu nodded with a smile and then connected, "I’ve bothered you for more than ten days, and I’m really sorry. I want to send you a gift," said Chu Yu, pointing his fingers at the main entrance and staring blankly. Lu Dinghai.
"That big one is the thunder pulse of Jiuyang … you should know what I mean."
"What?" Huoyun jumped up from the sofa in an old way, and his eyes shone brightly. He looked straight at Lu Dinghai who was still confused. "I have to see it for myself."
Talking fire cloud road, a whisking is fixed at the door. Lu Dinghai feels a great sucking force and the whole person is involuntarily dragged to the front of fire cloud road by this extraordinary force.
"Don’t move. Let me feel the bones and feel the pulse first."
Being groped by a dirty old Taoist priest is obviously not acceptable to Lu Dinghai. I was waiting for a push, but I found myself unable to move.
The fire cloud road is fast enough to touch the feet from the beginning, feel the pulse and cross the real yuan into the body to survey an old face, and the mouth keeps calling the word "good"
"It really is a nine Yang thunder pulse! Haha, God has eyes. Finally, I have found the best person in the Highways. Haha … "
Chu Yu shook his head and smiled and corrected, "Old ghost, don’t thank God, thank me."
"I said, old chap, why are you and I still thanking each other? Haha, I remember your favor for a generation." Fire Cloud Road is obviously excited and very rare to smile. Chu Yu said, "I turned my head to still struggle. Lu Dinghai said," Little Road, I decided to accept you as a disciple? "
"If you don’t do it, you’ll have to loosen the little master, or I’ll smash your old bones. Don’t blame the little master for not waking you up in advance." Lu Dinghai was groped by Huoyun Road, and his stubbornness was obviously completely broken out, and a pair of small eyes also stared at the limit.
"Still a big donkey!" Fire cloud road, not angry but smiling, is still an old god. "You disciple, I’m determined to be stubborn and not old-fashioned. I’ll just set it up slowly."
"Do you know who I am?" Road flyover fire cloud with some disdainful asked.
"I don’t care who you are, but I’m the same as you." Lu Dinghai’s face turned red and pushed himself to the valley limit but failed to get back to his body control
"Seeing that you are a veteran, I will reveal my true identity to you if I am a veteran in the future. This is the name of the veteran of Jiuhua Mountain Quezong Keqing, Huoyun Zhenjun."

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