The three men wanted to get to Wujianzong, Kowloon, but they hated gnashing their teeth, but were afraid to leave the sword garden. Although they were able to suppress evil chess players, they were afraid to provoke the other three evil teachers from the evil peak of heaven, so they could send all the five masters of Spirit List to kill Guo Yi.

At the entrance of the main palace of Zhongzhou Linggong Palace, a green cow is insane. Three dharma owners have been injured by its horns. Even the emperor of Zhongzhou Linggong Palace was kicked by it. The cow rushed through the crowd and rushed to the imperial palace. The princess who was bathing was scared to streaking.
There is a fight between people and cattle in the palace of Zhongzhou Lingguo. At this time, the palace is a mess. The emperor even rushed to Kowloon Wu.
In addition to these visible battlefields, some invisible battlefields are also fighting fiercely, which is not as dangerous as flesh and blood.
It’s like the constant shuttling of secrets and the ever-changing rules of life in the holy city of Huadu. At this time, Mr. Chiba is sitting with his eyes closed and his fingers quickly pinched, and the invisible light flies out of their bodies. Somewhere in the holy city of Huadu, a fast moving point is fiercely engaged.
It’s a struggle between heaven and earth, compared with the establishment and collapse of fate. Su E and Mr. Chiba joined hands to hold this man down, but for a short time, he still defeated the law.
Huadu holy city is in a moment of illusion!
In the sunset river, a black shadow rises from the water and will be staring at the water. The monks are all startled and retreat for several miles before stopping.
Guo Yi held a cold and beautiful woman corpse in his hand without looking at those eyeing monks. With a wave of his hand, the water suddenly surfaced with a shallow aura. He gently put the woman corpse in the aura suspension.
This woman corpse is long, delicate and touching, her skin is as white as cold snow, her eyelashes are long and curved, and her rosy lips are pale blue at this time. Only Joan’s nose is still lovely and shiny, and a drop of water is still stuck.
Guo Yi lovingly lifted her wet hair gently, and kept recalling the past in her mind. She thought that she had lost her giggling and laughed. The water was so cold and lifeless.
Guo Yi held out his hand and gently pinched her nose. "I said that you are the cutest when you are asleep. I lied to you. Do you have to take it seriously? What I like best is that when you are as fierce as a hen, what are you not fierce now? "
Guo Yi’s clothes and hair were wet by the river, and his hands kept shaking. He gently stroked his cold face, but he didn’t know that his hands were colder than the virgin’s face.
"The saint died at my hand, and my fighting power is far beyond her. She is not an enemy of mine." Dragon Thirteen slowly approached with four "Spirit List" masters from Longyuan Royal Sword Garden and sneered. "The three swordsmen all said that you are my enemy’s talent in my life, and I have to remove it, but it seems to me that you are just a waste and your roots are not worthy to be my opponent."
Chapter 164 War
Guo Yigen ignored Dragon Thirteen. He slowly retracted his finger. Suddenly, he found a strange thing. The virgin’s heart beat slowly, but it would beat almost every ten seconds.
"This ….." Guo Yi pleasantly surprised don’t understand what is going on.
Seriously injured, the corpse and the bone jumped from the bottom of the water. Of course, they saw the body of the saint on the water. They explained to Guo Yi that "there is a ghost door in the saint temple, and the soul of ordinary people is hidden in the yuan spirit, but the saint temple is hidden in the heart."
"nine ghosts can protect people’s souls, so her soul has not dissipated?" Guo Yi immediately exulted that she would have a chance to come back to life before her soul died.
Guo Yi took out a big magic pill from the spirit palace, which he took from the green cow that day. I didn’t expect to send a big field at this time.
"I hope this old cow will be more reliable this time." After a slight hesitation, Guo Yi slowly put the huge cyan magic on the virgin body.
Magic meets people’s skin and then slowly dissolves into Li Xiaoyan’s body, and suddenly she is shrouded in a blue fog like a huge blue cocoon.
"I feel that the vitality is waking up from the green cocoon, and there is a magic medicine to bring the dead back to life." The monks were shocked by this scene, and their eyes showed greedy light.
Including the three brothers of the Dragon Thirteen Haunted Houses … and so on, those who want to get rid of Guo Yi and be quick are quietly watching the hanging cocoon at this time, hoping to see the miracle of rebirth and hope that a strong enemy will come alive.
It doesn’t seem impossible that the blue light slowly gathers to the center, and the beauty in the green light is slowly coming back to life.
"Never let her come back to life"
Dragon thirteen took the lead in trying to slay the virgin bones again before she came back to life.
"Hum! It seems that it won’t take so long to kill you again some day. "
Guo Yi wants to start work more than he does. It’s either you die or I die together.
"Even if you reach the tenth place in the Spirit List, you are not my opponent." Dragon Thirteen is naturally a determined person, and even if the enemy is taller than him, he is afraid. What’s worse, Guo Yi’s ranking in the Spirit List is returned to him.
"You’ll know if you try it." Guo Yi turned to the corpse and the bone and ordered, "Take good care of your saint. She died for me once and I have to make up for her life."
Guo Yi turned the nine-turn Xuan fire tactic to the extreme, and suddenly a flaming orange flame was ejected from his body. These flames condensed into a thick layer of Xuan fire armor. He rushed the hands of Xuan Huang Jian and looked around and shouted, "I am Guo Yi who wants to kill me. Just release your horse and I will pick it up one by one."
"No one can rob me. He’s me."
Dragon Thirteen took out a black-and-white twin tower, which are two conjoined towers. The white tower is made of white phosphorus jade, and the black tower is made of basalt black iron. In the twin towers, a magic circle is burned respectively.
This black-and-white twin tower is an instrument, which Dragon XIII got from the ancient island of Jiuhai in the Northern Ming Dynasty. The white tower guards complement each other and are the most handy weapon of Dragon XIII, which can almost exert the power of the instrument.
Every artifact is extremely powerful, and even some low-level dharma masters may not be able to fully exert the power of the artifact. Dragon Thirteen can exert one tenth of the power of the black and white twin towers, which has enabled him to escape by the dharma master.
Just like Guo Yixian, although he has the Xuan Huang Jian and the Xuan Di Jian, he can exert a few hundred percent power at most, which is barely equal to the power of the Dragon Thirteen Black and White Twin Towers.
The strength of the two people is similar, and the power of the multiplier in their hands is similar. It is not easy for Guo Yi to slay the Dragon Thirteen, which is even more difficult.
"Our brothers were killed by witches and ordered Guo Yi to die in our hands. This battle should be fought by our brothers." The Trinity of the three brothers in Chijia can play the top ten masters of Spirit List and their hands also hold a multiplier. After they are combined, their strength is not Guo Yi and Dragon Thirteen.
"Dragon Thirteen Pool Boss, I think you’d better go first and decide the outcome. Besides, tonight, in this first battle, I must come first. Someone has come to the’ God Kill’ for a large sum of money. Please move me and the assassin. It is necessary to kill Guo rogue tonight."
The killer "Lonely Man" of the Heavenly Killing Organization flies with an iron sword, but he is one of the two "Spirit List" killers, and the other is called "Assassin".
Killers and assassins are the top killers. Although their strength is not the top ten talents in Spirit List, their killing methods are even worse than those in Spirit List. Even if their strength is twice as high as theirs, their hands will sometimes die. This is the advantage of specializing in killing Taoist priests.
Guo Yi, one of the natural killers, was unaware of the assassin’s hiding around him, but he didn’t worry about these. Because he wanted the assassin to move, he would surely activate the surrounding air machine, and it would be natural and easy to find out.
Now, there are three people who want to kill Guo Yi and then quickly, and these three people are not Guo Yi.
"Since you are so entangled, fortunately, you will be together!" Guo Yi is now making great progress and trying to have a good fight. How can he miss this opportunity to hone himself when there are rare strong enemies with similar strength to him?
"Kuang, the three of us add up to a total of ten" Lingbang "masters, even Chu songs are not as arrogant as you" Pool boss grunted coldly.
Dragon thirteen caught a cold glimpse of Guo Yi. "He doesn’t deserve shoes for Chu songs."
"If I can kill people and then finish it, I don’t care how many people fight together," the killer said with a facial expression.
The sunset river is full of blood and blood, and the murderous look across the water has been triggered by powerful instruments, which makes some monks feel breathless.
"Since you are still so hesitant, I’ll choose the battlefield first, and I’ll fight him if I’m willing to come with someone." Guo Yi looked at the swift and bloody river. "The sunset river is so deep that the bottom of the river has been filled with dead bodies, and the bones have been condensed by the rich aura psychic ghost. Just now, tens of thousands of meters in Kowloon were washed out of a river valley by the flood. I’ll go to the river valley now and wait for you to come, and I’ll fight him."
Guo Yi finished wearing Xuan Huojia and rushed into the bottom of the blood-red sunset.
At sunset, the river flows like a raging sea, and the river roars for a hundred meters, and the light is dim. It is even more icy at the bottom of ten thousand meters. Even the masters of Spirit List are oppressed by the river to a hundred meters away.
The shallowest part of the Sunset River is 20,000 meters deep, and the reach here is even deeper than 33,000 meters. Guo Yi just felt a burst of qi and blood when she sank to 10,000 meters, and she couldn’t play seven layers from ten layers.
The temperature of the 30,000-meter river has dropped to the point of terror. A novice monk will be squeezed to death by the river in an instant. Even a master of the Spirit List can exert the sixth house of the spirit at most.
At this time, the sunset at the bottom of the river is like the accumulation of several dead bodies in the depths of the blood sea, and the ghosts are traveling in the cold and dark water, and some powerful monks are so rich in aura that the bodies are actually channeled into the corpses walking at the bottom of the river.

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