The green cow looked at Guo Yi’s departure and finally breathed a sigh of relief. It didn’t start to run and fly out of the island until Guo Yi walked away, just like a god stepping on a cloud and flying rapidly in another direction.

The green cow flew away and the day after tomorrow, a blue figure flew back and looked at the horizon.
Guo Yi’s face smiled. "There will be a demon if it is abnormal. It seems that this cow is in such a hurry to get back. It really has something to hide from me."
A hidden law covered himself, and Guo Yi followed the green cow carefully.
Green cow is nervous now and doesn’t want to go back early. Since Guo Yi can find it, she is likely to find Su Ya’s hiding place in a short time.
After flying for tens of millions of miles, the green cow slowed down and sneaked into a desert island.
The island is covered with green coniferous ancient trees, each of which is as thick as ten people and hundreds of meters high, but it has been growing for many years.
There is a small stream in the forest with sweet and delicious water, and pieces of stones are as transparent as sapphire, emitting a little aura.
The green ox walked along the stream and passed through the heavy trees. I don’t know how long it took. There was a clear song in the forest, like an oriole singing a peacock. Long song was moving and pleasing to the ear
Suddenly, when the song stopped, a girl in a blue silk robe fell from the blue branches. Her skin was like snow, her hair was like a blue waterfall, and her little face did not show natural breath, just like an earth elf.
Sue ya is not that little girl anymore, but now she is gorgeous and tall, only half a head shorter than Guo Yi, and all of her body reveals a youthful and ignorant girl, which makes people look happy.
"Master Qing Niu has picked the dead grass and failed to match the abortion medicine. If it doesn’t work this time, I should despise you." Su Ya smiled wittily.
Green cow low-paying jobs rushed over and knocked off a few ancient trees. He cried eagerly, "This matter is temporarily stranded. I just met Guo Yi. He is probably looking for Yun Xianer. Let’s move quickly."
"Really!" Sue ya exultation way "he grow handsome? Is Xiuxian stronger than me? Can I beat him? This dead rogue bullied me horribly in those days, and this time the young lady has to come back. "
Green cow heart suddenly andao seems to be right not to let her see Guo Yi. This girl is all right, but she is so anthomaniac!
"Don’t worry about that rogue. If he comes here, it will be in big trouble."
Qingniu crossed Suya and rushed to a cave by the stream, but when it rushed to the cave door, it found that there was a man at the door.
Guo Yi grabbed the ox horn with a hey hey smile and laughed. "I’m curious about the dead cow. Why am I in big trouble when I come?"
Green cow eyes a black almost fainted at this time, and my heart andao played too much this time. If Guo Yi knew that YunXianEr was given three lives by it in this cave, he would be killed three times.
"Su Ya, you miss Guo Erge so much that you don’t greet him when he comes." Green Niu Niu’s mouth bit Guo Yi’s trouser legs root and wouldn’t let him enter the hole.
Smelling a fragrant wind, a blue shadow fell on Su Ya in front of Guo Yi. A pair of big blue eyes were full of joy. Keep a close eye on Guo Yi’s white cheeks and a blush came up. "Brother-in-law, you are handsome again."
Guo Yilai also intends to go directly into the cave to see what was so mysterious by the green cow, but when he saw Su Ya, he suddenly felt overwhelmed.
"Su Ya, you are beautiful, and you are a big girl, more beautiful than your sister." Guo Yi said with a greeting.
"Really? If this is heard by my sister, she will even be unhappy. "Su Ya’s smiling face can be seen at a glance, unlike Yun Xianer and Su E, who are all getting deeper and deeper. You will never know what is going on in their hearts.
Guo Yi was not in a hurry at the moment and smiled. "You are different from your sister. By the way, your sister is nearby. Do you want to meet her?"
Sue looked at Guo Yi with a silly smile. She also said that she would teach Guo Yi a lesson, but when she really saw it, she would have thrown it out of the cloud nine.
Guo Yi said, "Aren’t you surprised at all?"
"ah! Oh, what a surprise! Really? Is my sister really nearby? Then you take me to find her. I miss her so much. "Su Ya’s face is first one leng, then she pretends to be surprised. Holding Guo Yi intensely, she will let him take herself to find her sister.
While the green cow took the opportunity to rush into the cave. Guo Yi wanted to follow up and see what had happened, but Su Ya, the girl, was a root and wouldn’t let go and held his hand tightly.
Guo Yi’s heart is already sure that Su Ya and Qing Niu have met Su E, and they must have something to hide from themselves. Guo Yigen will never leave the mouth of the cave, and he will see what is going on.
Green cow rushed into the abode of fairies and immortals, and then quickly highlighted the green smoke, which enveloped the whole abode of fairies and immortals. It was afraid that Guo Yili’s spiritual exploration would be in big trouble if it found clues.
Deep in the abode of fairies and immortals, a blue stone wall is carved with a series of strange forbidden patterns, and two black arms are spit out from the cow’s mouth. Thick iron chains are tightly tied to Yunxianer’s arms.
In addition, there is a stone desktop filled with all kinds of medicine bottles in the abode of fairies and immortals, and there is also a medicine furnace that is refining what medicine.
Green Niu Gang rushed in and heard YunXianEr vanity smile "what medicine is dead cow this time, though bring it on"
Yun Xianer has already had a fetal elixir, and even burying the heavenly sword can’t break the elixir’s efficacy. It’s a piece of cake for Qing Niu to have an abortion herself as a professional, but after seven or seven kinds of secret abortion recipes in a row, she failed to get rid of the baby in her belly and give it to her, so there was nothing at all.
"Su E is so cruel that she wants to drop my baby. If I can get out of here, I will definitely give it back to her and let her survive."
Yun Xianer has been most disgusted with her unborn child, but as time goes by, it gradually gives birth to an inexplicable maternal feeling. If anyone dares to touch her child, she will fight hard with anyone.
"Holy cow, but a real good man loves little life the most. You two biting women are jealously jealous. You want me to be caught in the middle of a trap and not get a good mother. Now Guo rogue comes to you. What do you say I do? What do you think I should do? "
If Guo Yi knows that he has started an abortion career, he will have to chop it up first. If this matter is known by the old guys in the Guo family, it will be even more difficult to have a way out.
Chapter 669 The Holy Teaching of Light
YunXianEr a pair of chicken eyes with a smile seems to have the strength all over again, "Guo Yi is coming? Is he just outside? "
She’s been dying. Su E will never let her go out alive. Otherwise, if this matter is known by Guo Yi, she will lose Guo Yi completely.
But Guo Yi actually found here, so everything will be different. She will have to fight for it before she can get back at Su E if she is alive.
Green cow with a long cow face nodded bitterly. Now Guo Yi will keep it outside. Even if it is cruel to kill Yunxianer, it is still unlucky.
Kill, kill, let go, let go!
Yun Xianer and other clever characters flashed several thoughts in their minds, and then their beautiful faces smiled and said, "Qingniu, I know you are bewitched by Su E, but it’s wrong. I will never let Guo Yi know if you want to let me go."
"really?" Qing Niu yi Xi
Yun Xianer nodded, "This matter is that Su E and I are fighting for you." "That feeling is so good that I knew that Yun Da Beauty is an adult who doesn’t care about villains." When Green Newton hit a haha, he spit out two blue clouds and locked Yun Xianer’s arms, forbidding the gods and iron chains.
After the forbidden god’s iron chain was beaten, Yun Xianer’s body was suppressed, and then she immediately recovered, and then she turned around, and that sense of weakness was swept away. All of her body revealed a cruel spirit, and her beautiful eyes were full of resentment and hatred.
Her hand gently stroked her lower abdomen, and her face suddenly changed into tenderness.
"Yunda Beauty, we’ve agreed never to let anyone know about abortion." Qingniu said.
Yunxianer stared at it with cold eyes and said, "But you have to promise me one thing." "What is it?" Green cow heart quiver raised a sense of foreboding.
"Help me to configure a pair that can poison people, lose their eyes, lose their ears, lose their hearing, and crack their skin. Every day, they bleed more than they die. They are ferocious and horrible like evil spirits, and then give this pair of poison to Sue so that I won’t say anything about it." Yun Xianer sneered.
Green cow immediately after hearing these words, a hasty almost fell down to my heart feeling that Guo rogue woman is really a more vicious than a … Mom, how did my fart matter come to my head again?
Outside the cave, Guo Yi and Su Ya chatted happily for a while, talking about their respective experiences over the years for a while, and recalling all kinds of things that were worth remembering for a lifetime, and some things worth remembering forever.

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