"Nothing is estimated to catch cold, right?" Li Chengzhu explained, but his eyes swept from the man in front of him to find a clue.

Chapter 32 Purple jade imaging
Feeling the hostility, the man smiled and said, "I think you misunderstood."
To Li Chengzhu’s surprise, the man uttered a female voice.
Fuck! Boss Li, he has his own mistakes.
Small sized photograph this just holding Li Chengzhu arm intimacy with him to introduce "this is called Yuchun is my friend" and then pointed to the Li Cheng cylinder to the woman named Yuchun "this is my husband".
"Li Chengzhu" Yuchun smiled slightly. "I’ve heard a lot about you. Even our noble Lord and such a lovely Xiaoying girl are very fond of you. I think no one in the whole Rainbow City will not know you."
Yuchun’s appearance of a big crack made Li Chengzhu feel a little embarrassed at the moment, touching his head and smiling. "Everyone patronizes everyone."
Yuchun took a gentle look at Xiaoying’s lips and said to Li Chengzhu, "After marriage, be sure to be nice to Xiaoying, and the two women will be less loved. If you dare to make love outside, the Lord and Xiaoying will not teach you a lesson, and I will not let you go." It gave Li Chengzhu a hard stare.
I don’t know if I am under the illusion that Boss Li actually felt a little bit of murder from that glance, so I quickly waved my hand. "Where will it be?" I can’t stand it with them. How can I find other women? "
"column!" Xiaoying blushed and spoiled, "How can there be someone else?"
"Ha ha" Li big boss embarrassed to touch his head.
Yuchun doesn’t think it’s wrong to take a look at Xiaoying and pull up Xiaoying’s hand next to him. "Don’t forget that I can come to me when I get married. If he bullies you, tell me that my horse castrated him."
These words simply regard boss Li as a matter of fact, which makes Li Chengzhu feel chilly when crossing straight.
"Well, you can rest assured that he won’t dare to do anything to me," said Chen Chen and left Li Chengzhu one eye.
"Yeah, yeah," Boss Li nodded, but it always feels strange. Even if you are sisters, you don’t rub your hands with our family, do you?
If I hadn’t vaguely seen the two visible hills on her chest, Boss Li would have slapped her hard and dared to eat his wife’s tofu in front of me. I don’t know if Poseidon is a trident.
"That’s good." Yuchun gently put the small sized photograph hand in a slightly lost tone and said to Li Chengzhu, "Thank you for your hospitality. I have something to leave."
"Good to go, don’t send" Li Chengzhu panicked and wished she would disappear quickly.
Looked at Xiaoying Yuchun and woke up again. "Remember to come to me if you are wronged."
"Don’t worry," said Xiaoying, leaning against Li Chengzhu’s arms with a happy face.
At Li Chengzhu coldly, Yuchun turned and stepped on the flying sword and jumped directly into the middle of the courtyard.
Staring at the disappearing figure, Li Chengzhu’s brow twisted into the word "this bitch is a bit strange"
"Well, I feel a little strange, too." Yuan Muyin sounded.
Boss Li glanced at Yuanmu and didn’t know when they had been staring at the distant figure around them.
There was silence for a while. Yuanmu smiled. "But strange has personality."
"Ahem" big boss li almost didn’t catch my breath, pointing to YuanMu "you should not …"
Yuanmu’s face turned red and said, "You care about me."
Xiaoying giggled while covering her mouth.
"Wait, give me the camera." Li Chengzhu shouted behind Yuan Mu, and with a wave of his hand, the camera flew straight towards Boss Li.
Li Chengzhu took a look and saw that there were still a few films left just in time to do what he had planned.
After a busy day at night, the castellan’s mansion finally sent all the guests away, and it was silent. Li Chengzhu was forced not to stay and took two beautiful girls and rushed to the decorated new house.
Gu Linglong and Xiaoying got used to Li Chengzhu’s importuning after the big sleep last night. At this moment, it’s a good thing to ask him not to commit adultery against himself.
As usual, Li Chengzhu kept waving his hands, and the room was full of enchantments.
It’s not Xiaoying, a coquettish-looking woman, but it looks noble, holy and exquisite.
The performance of these two women in bed with them is almost upside down.
The appearance is dignified and exquisite, and when Boss Li sprints fiercely, it’s simply terrible to scream. It’s as if he is suffering from great pain.
Li Chengzhu once stopped to ask her if she felt bad. As a result, she blushed and closed her eyes and shook her head.
It’s rare that Gu Linglong didn’t remember his name at all afterwards, and it will continue when Boss Li enters again.
Compared with the plump and coquettish small sized photograph, it is much more subtle. As Li Chengzhu moved, he bit his lip and gave out a series of stuffy grunts.
However, the body language is a hundred times richer than that of Gu Linglong. When the climax comes, Xiaoying often leaves a few big teeth marks for Boss Li.
Boss Li is scarred, especially across the body. This is the mark left by Boss Li after he tries a new posture …
It’s raining and sleeping, and three people are sweating and hugging each other.
The physical strength and energy of cultivating immortals are on duty and don’t need sleep. The three of them also want to enjoy the quiet and warm atmosphere.
Li Chengzhu a left a right holding two people face happiness wantonly kneading two different sizes of chest.
I used to smell the small sized photograph’s milk fragrance before, but it became even stronger afterwards. Li Chengzhu seemed to be a child who kept asking for it, smelling the charming fragrance mercilessly.
Gu Linglong secretly left a small sized photograph naked. She pressed her huge chest against Li Chengzhu’s chest, and her man’s hands changed in different shapes.
Compare yourself again. You want to cry.
Why does Xiaoying grow in such a big column?
I heard that men generally like women with big breasts, Gu Linglong, and hurriedly squeezed his hands toward Li Chengzhu and gently drew circles on his chest.
Another day, I asked Xiaoying how long it was so big and exquisite, and I was ashamed to make plans.
Ten days later, in the morning, Li Chengzhu walked in his unique white cave and meditated in the small sized photograph of the Duke’s mansion and Gu Linglong’s room. Boss Li found an excuse to slip out, and the little thing that had been inseparable with him had already defected to Gu Linglong’s arms.
He’s also happy. Anyway, it’s all family and who is not.
The little thing is getting fatter and fatter. If you ride your forehead, you don’t know who hit this guy with a big bag.
Look around. Li Chengzhu sneaks on the door of the autumn wind.
Soon the door was surprised by the autumn wind and looked at Li Chengzhu. "Brother Li, you?"
"shh!" Boss Li stretched out his index finger to block his mouth, and before he reached the autumn wind room, he leaned out his head to see if there was any tracking behind him, so he could rest assured that the door would be closed.
The autumn wind is full of confusion. Isn’t he always fighting in the room at this time? Why do you have leisure to come here today?
Looking at the puzzled expression of autumn wind, Li Chengzhu cracked his mouth and smiled and found a chair to sit on. "Brother Qiu, you want to know what I’m doing here, right?"
Autumn wind nodded slightly.
"Hey, hey, look what this is." Boss Li smiled strangely and pulled out a piece of purple jade from the ring. The light outside the window diluted the image of purple jade, but the autumn wind curled up, but a figure image of purple jade was faintly visible.
Is this …
Autumn wind suddenly excited.
I can’t see that this guy is still a man of letters, and he’s not as petty as he thinks.

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