Feeling people’s strange eyes, Lan Yunpeng shook his head and turned to the entrance of the manor.

"Hello, do you have an invitation?" The beautiful hostess is still quite quality, and she won’t look down on a person because of her appearance and dress. She reaches out and blocks the front face with a polite smile, and comes alone without a servant to follow her. She doesn’t look like a VIP, and she may not be lost.
The accident was that the teenager handed in the invitation.
The hostess took it and looked at it, and her eyes suddenly became starry and her face turned red. "You … are you Mr. Lan Yunpeng?"
"well! Good evening! " I am so famous LanYunPeng a stay.
"Good evening! Welcome. "The hostess smiled sweetly and showed her heart. The noble wealthy businessmen may not pay much attention to the story of purple fighting swordsmen, but she is an idol in the eyes of ordinary girls like her.
Successfully entered the manor, which was bigger than expected and the environment was very elegant. The guests had not yet got together to chat in twos and threes before the formal banquet.
The night came furtively, and the sunset gradually set on the horizon. The magic lights lit up, and the earth was illuminated differently. They were made of magic nuclear energy, and the beauty was not affected around the lights. The magic floated and the sky sank into the fountain, which not only lit up all corners, but also made people dizzy.
Lan Yunpeng turned to look around. An acquaintance didn’t do it. It was a bit of a chat. His eyes gradually fell aside. Of course, eating and drinking would affect his image. This kind of thing would not be dry. He pretended to walk in the manor while gracefully destroying delicious food.
If you change guests, it may not attract everyone’s attention. Unfortunately, Lan Yunpeng is so unique that the wealthy nobles around him are out of place, and soon people will notice this special boy.
"Who is he?"
This is called personality
"I have never seen or heard that it looks attractive and the clothes are so special."
"Cut like a beggar"
"What do you know? It’s called personality. People who can come here are VIPs. Do you think the emperor will invite ordinary people?"
"That’s right. It’s also personalized to dress like this on this occasion. I guess his family is really rich."
Lan Yunpeng’s strength and hearing are natural and special. I can’t hear a few girls talking about themselves not far away. I shook my head with a wry smile. People rely on clothes, buddhas rely on gold, roads rely on lights, and men’s nobles are dressed carefully. Susu has already prepared it for him. Can you really wear it? It’s more common to be unaccustomed to going out near home.
"Why don’t we go and talk to him?"
Lan Yunpeng shook his head. It’s not like he’s here to flirt. Now his emotional problems are more troublesome, but he doesn’t want to add any more trouble. He thought about turning back and hiding, but another man bumped into him and spilled drinks.
"Sorry, sorry!"
It’s true that the man ran into Lan Yunpeng at a very fast speed, but out of courtesy, he euphemistically expressed his apology. It was just a small matter and didn’t mean much, but I didn’t know that the other party had treated him as polite and weak. "Where did the untouchables dare to collide with the master?"
Let your mouth be cheap! Lan Yunpeng is not afraid of things, but he will send out his eyebrows as soon as he picks them up. But after thinking about it, it seems that it is not worthwhile to offend the emperor for no reason today. Forget it. Just care about this kind of garbage and turn around and leave, but the other party will not stop in front of him. "Dalits collided with the temple, so you think it’s okay?"
The two bodyguards he brought were surrounded by fierce faces.
Temple? What nonsense temple? Are there as many temples as dogs? Lan Yunpeng took a look at this guy. He is generally skinny. You can tell at a glance that excessive drinking and drinking seems to be the king of a country.
However, Lan Yunpeng doesn’t care that even the master of the holy order is guilty. How can he go to an unknown country to find something to worry about? Let’s talk about it first.
Shadro is even more upset today. He is really the Emperor of Snow Moon, but the position of the Emperor of Snow Moon is an uncompromising stallion. He is not very popular, but Shadro will not govern the empire himself anyway. It is enough to eat, drink and be happy with the imperial title.
Snow moon sacred empire and sacred alliance, The Moya Empire, like the five great powers in the mainland of Sderot, has a very long history. As the name implies, the religious power of the sacred empire of Xueyue is very large, which was even stronger than the sacred alliance about 500 years ago. Although the glory of the sacred empire of Xueyue has gone forever, as the saying goes, the thin camel is bigger than the horse, and it still ranks among the five great powers in the mainland. There is no hope for the throne of Shaderot, so he just went to the glorious city, the capital of the sacred alliance, and although it was not favored, it was also obtained as an emperor. It is also reasonable to invite the Emperor of the Holy Alliance. Whenever this dude is fun, he is naturally very lewd. Shadro was just hitting on a beautiful girl. He wanted to win the beauty’s favor with his own identity, but people turned around and left without looking at it.
Being able to come here is either a noble or a wealthy businessman. Naturally, it is not greedy for wealth. It is even worse for Shadro, who is not allowed to spoil the emperor’s name. The other party is a minister’s daughter of the Holy Alliance. Shadro also dare not be strong and depressed, but Lan Yunpeng collided.
This guy is afraid of bullying, but he has no vision to see Lan Yunpeng dressed simply, so he will be angry with him, but he has the wrong object! Bodyguards are not weak, but it’s a pity that the magician Lan Yunpeng won’t give them a chance to recite spells and punch them directly.
"You don’t come here" Shadero was shocked. Although he was not popular, he was also the emperor. At ordinary times, others had to give the face of the sacred empire of Xueyue. I didn’t expect to meet a deadly one today.
Lan Yunpeng doesn’t care whether he is the emperor or not. Tom, dick and Harry will pay the price when they come out to make trouble. Before walking slowly, they just want to start work, but they are in a state of sluggishness. This guy is scared to pee his pants.
What a coward!
LanYunPeng shook his head and threw him into the trash can next to him.
The guests next to him looked stupefied. They knew who this savage was, but he not only made trouble at the emperor’s dinner, but also beat the guests. You know, after all, the other party is an emperor, even if it is not popular, it has no influence, but it represents an imperial face
And this teenager doesn’t look at it.
Shi Lanyun Penggen didn’t think so much. He just adhered to the principle that people don’t attack me, I don’t attack, and if they attack me, I will attack. Who let this guy bully himself? Since he makes trouble, he must have the consciousness of paying the price. He turned to others’ eyes and had a glass of juice from the maid. It was delicious.
"Wow, so chic!"
"How do I say that he is not an ordinary person? Even the emperor dares to beat him!"
"Two bodyguards knocked down in an instant."
"But is there really no problem? It is suspected that this has offended the sacred empire of Xueyue. Such a buffoon is not worth it."
Once again, several aristocratic girls talked about it, and Lan Yunpeng felt a little bad. It was nothing to beat this annoying guy, but it offended an empire. It was a joke to be afraid of nature, but it was also very bad for the other party if they wanted revenge. Less trouble was not enough.
Purple fighting swordsmen have become famous, but Lan Yunpeng is not arrogant enough to compete with a country. But now that things have been done, it is meaningless to escape and think again, but there are a group of people who have blocked the first one in front, who is about thirty years old. Dressed up, Shadro is quite similar, but more noble and gorgeous.
The worldly news comes quickly. You can tell at a glance that Pickart, a sacred imperial man in Xueyue, is more shy in his heart. It is only natural that the imperial emperor was invited to an imperial emperor’s birthday dinner. It is a shame that I never expected to see that disappointing brother here. For this half-brother, Pickart, who has always looked down on the royal family, he can’t practice even the simplest magic and quarrelling.
If it’s just a poor talent, it’s just that this guy doesn’t have any ambition. All day long, he knows that eating, drinking and bullying men and women are almost like moths. However, it’s one thing to look down on him. After all, he is an imperial emperor. Now he has been beaten by others. If he doesn’t show his face in the empire?
Shadro is different from Pickart, who is too big to hold the accompanying bodyguards, not only twice as many but also are masters.
Seeing each other eyeing up and looking at themselves, Lan Yunpeng scratched his head. This problem is more serious. Do you want the emperor to fight in the palace? Or his birthday dinner? This doesn’t seem so reliable. Good people also have scruples. Idiot Shadro is different from Pickart, but he has always been an imperial monarch to cultivate nature.
This is not the sacred empire of Xueyue, but the sacred alliance, and it coincides with the birthday of the emperor. The trouble here is not to give him a face. Besides, he can enter the palace. There is no doubt that he is a VIP. He will not judge others by their looks, but what if he is playing dumb?
He won’t start work rashly until he knows the identity of the other party
Stopped the hand impulse. Pickart took a look at the guy in front and kept a proud posture. "Who are you and what did you do to my brother?"
It turned out to be that guy’s brother. This guy looks tough and equally annoying. Lan Yunpeng frowned so quickly. He must have seen the scene just now nearby. This question is to protect him from being too lazy to talk to him and turn around and walk in another direction.
Pickart immediately became angry. The sacred empire of Xueyue was too one person and ten thousand people. Someone once did not wave his hand and surrounded Lan Yunpeng with bodyguards.
"You can’t leave without a friend!"
In addition to the magician, there is also a powerful swordsman Lan Yunpeng in this bodyguard. Even if he wants to kill a little chance, there is no chance for Pickart to throw caution to the wind. It is not good for the emperor to make trouble in his palace, but it is still the most important thing. Even if this is a small VIP, how can he not believe that his status is greater than his own emperor?
Lan Yunpeng was in a stalemate for a while, even if he was not afraid, but it was not worthwhile for the other party to become enemies in such a small way. His guests looked on coldly and no one came to advise him.
At this moment, I was amazed. "My God, is that a fairy?"
"It’s so beautiful!"
"Must … must be the reincarnation of the goddess"

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