Is Xia Yunfeng afraid? Of course not!

He also sat cross-legged on the soft couch and smiled very kindly. Is it because he is older than Qin Luan that some people seem to be very calm and motionless? "Isn’t the Lord of the Kingdom aware that he came to the Chu Emperor?"
"oh? See! " Qin Luan anxiety in the heart seems to have finally subsided some quietly mask to eyebrow eye light smile eye end light pick looked at sitting opposite yun-feng xia way
"The so-called people don’t say dark words in front of the Chu emperor, so hehe even seems a bit hypocritical." Xia Yunfeng is not shy about sipping the cups in front of him, never forcing elegance without the slightest timidity and fear
Looking at this, Yun-feng Xia Rao is a common emperor, Gu Huai, and I couldn’t help but nod my head in my heart. It’s a pity that it’s too impulsive whether it’s bearing or grace compared with Qin Luan. Now it’s cool in summer and the place of Chu is sensitive, but he’s too aggressive.
He didn’t think deeply but heard Qin Luan’s familiar voice tone lightly. "What does it mean to be a man according to Xia Guozhu?" What is not hypocrisy? " Hum, don’t. He doesn’t know what this man is from.
Ever since he came back from Xie Gu that day, he has been contemplating Xie Gu’s intention, even though he has already known his purpose, and he has not done anything all these years. There must be a key fragment in Bai Xie’s hand. When he thought of this, his eyelids drooped and the bottom of his eyes quickly crossed with a dark color, but he just didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or someone deliberately turned things over again in Yuan Di in those days. Now many people have known the things about Yuan Di’s treasures in an orderly way, even the guardian generals. He also suspected that Xie Gu was cheating, especially Xie Wei was a little abnormal at this time.
Du Changhai sent people back only to find that Xie Weizhen hated Geng’s family as much as he smelled it. Although he finally helped, he escaped from the hunt and did not hesitate to leave Geng’s family regardless of their prayers.
The original Du Changhai asked if it was necessary to take the opportunity to kill Xie Wei’s family, and if Xie An died, even if Xie Yi was clever and disabled for life, how much wind and waves could be caused. If Xie Jia really had the key fragments of Yuan Di treasure, it would most likely be Xie Wei instead of Xie Yi. This time, Xie Wei was very intriguing. He specially asked people to follow Xie Wei and hoped to find something. Of course, these things were unknown whether Xia Yunfeng or Gu Huai, the main girder of the latent hall.
Xia Yunfeng looked at Qin Luan’s mouth with a kind of disdain. "Since the Chu Emperor insists on this, even we have nothing to talk about." Is he really a vegetarian? In those days, the first emperor of the Western Chu couldn’t compete with him, and Qin Luan was the same. It was cool in the summer and confronted Xi Chu for so many years. This time, if it wasn’t for discovering the news that his son was missing, how could the three armies deliberately release water and lose to Xi Chu? But I didn’t expect that the original simple thing would be made like this. I thought and looked at Qin Luan’s face opposite me, smiling and looking at Qin Luan’s face with a somewhat profound meaning. "Qin’s royal family should not have received several keys to Yuan Di’s treasure for so many years?"
"…" Qin Luan smell speech suddenly eyes wide stare stupefied looking at sitting opposite his yun-feng xia mind thousands of turns finally emerged a bold idea, Xia’s royal family indeed as expected, as the first emperor said on his deathbed, coveted Yuan Di treasures at the end of this day. Qin’s royal family Xia’s royal family is definitely their biggest competitor. If Xia Yunfeng is deducted now …
"How do you want to hit my Xia Yunfeng idea?" Yun-feng Xia looked at Qin Luan that shape corners of the mouth slightly hook the fundus with thick disdain so stupefied looking at chapter 166 the drop of blood from the sky.
Resplendent and magnificent halls; Rao is a candle that shines this world like day when the night is deep.
The cool wind is blowing through the crack of the door to the hall. It seems that there is a faint wind in my ears. I feel that Xia Yunfeng’s cold eyes and light Qin Luan couldn’t help shuddering. He bowed his head without knowing the color, pursed his thin lips and slipped his throat. He swallowed hard, took a deep breath and raised his hand. The teacup in front of Xia Yunfeng raised his eyebrows, smiled and sipped it to hide his embarrassment and suddenly floated to his heart. That unclear way was not afraid.
"Xia Guozhu is joking!" For a long time before he took a deep breath as far as possible gentle tone way
Yun-feng xia also don’t debunk people like him do emperor means malicious crime more than it’s a pity that energy is not enough to become a climate; He gave Qin Luan a cold look, and his face remained unchanged. Even though his tone seemed to have not changed at all, "the Lord never jokes." He snorted and said, "Let’s talk about cherishing softness."
The tone is not urgent or slow, the expression is not arrogant or impetuous, so the mouth is light and the tone is natural; Qin Luan, sitting opposite him, has the illusion that the person who just said that sentence is not Xia Yunfeng; Yuan Di Treasure If Xia’s royal family has long coveted Yuan Di’s treasure, they must also have Yuan Di’s treasure key fragments in their hands. His brain is spinning fast and he is trying to ask, but he hears that Xia Yunfeng has changed the subject.
"What does Xia Guozhu want to talk about?" Qin Luan bowed his head and held a teacup, seemingly sipping, but his face was puzzled and with a little anxious expression, but he couldn’t hide it
I think it’s very white for the Lord to ask Qian Yue to tell you’ Yun-feng xia bowed her head and corners of her mouth slightly gherardini; It’s those dark eyes that seem to reveal something that people can’t see through.
Long summer YunFeng behind her princess smell speech is bowed their heads; The body still seems to be trembling slightly, and it looks like a scared Gu Huai commanding to have a panoramic view of everyone’s expression. This seemingly kind and serene Xia Guozhu is even not as simple as the surface, and he can’t help but worry.
Qin Luan smell speech slightly raised his eyelids and looked at Xia Yunfeng sitting opposite him, with a sinking eye and thinking about whether he can take the opportunity since Xia Liang has the key to the state-owned Yuan Di treasure … Well, this idea just floated to my mind and looked at Xia Yunfeng sitting opposite him, and suddenly I felt a little guilty. I took the cup and sipped it constantly to hide my nervousness and embarrassment. Since no one found out that he had already fallen into the eyes of Xia Yunfeng, the hidden main beam Gu Huai, sitting opposite him.
"Cherish the soft princess in your country, I openly attacked the imperial team in the place of Xi Chu, but it was well known that people were stolen and won in one’s hand and in one’s hand. If I let the princess cherish the soft princess so easily, then …" Said Qin Luan, with a somewhat difficult face, and looked at Xia Yunfeng sitting opposite. "If that’s the case, it’s even difficult."
"We are willing to double indemnity in Xia Liangguo for the losses suffered by Xi Chu?" Yun-feng xia looked at Qin Luan fundus was dark.
Hearing this, Gu Huai couldn’t help pricking up his ears. After all, Gu Ji is the only one who has not been out of danger. He wants to know how Xia Liangguo will compensate for the death warrant. Thanks to his former identity, he knows a little. Does Xia Liangguo still have a death warrant antidote? The brain is spinning fast, the abdomen is torn, and the wound is getting more and more painful. He can feel the warm liquid constantly going out because of excessive bleeding. No one has seen Gu Huai look ugly at the moment, and he is as pale as a living dead.
Qin Luan heard that his mind was spinning so fast that he kept thinking about how to get more information from Xia Yunfeng’s mouth than Yuan Di’s treasure. This Xia Yunfeng is just playing the fool and fully distracted, as if the words were not what he said just now; I haven’t felt this force for a long time to lift my eyes and coagulate Xia Yunfeng. "Compensation for this matter is not negotiable …"
"But what?" Yun-feng Xia is in no hurry. The tone is neither urgent nor slow, neither arrogant nor impetuous.
Immediately even Qin Luan some can’t grasp this yun-feng xia idea. If he is confident, it’s now his place in the west. How can the emperor of other countries step into the enemy? But he met with Xia Yunfeng from the middle of the night until now. This kind of cognition made him feel terrible. Thought of this, Qin Luan bowed his head. "Didn’t Princess Qian Yue report to you that Princess Xi Rou attacked my imperial team in the place of Chu?" He said, looking up at Xia Yunfeng’s eyes, he didn’t know how much bitterness existed. Who can really make it clear that "the original alliance between the two countries did not dare to be true to the royal family?"
When I heard Qin Luan’s words, Gu Huai’s eyes floated a little, and people were relieved that things would change. He sat in the dragon chair and held the handle in the palm of his hand, killing tens of millions of people in the western Chu. How could the insidious calculation from all sides not change? It was enough that he could occasionally think of himself and himself in his heart.
"This ….." Yun-feng xia face dyed dignified for the first time.
"Smell this death warrant, but it was developed by Xia Liang’s royal ancestors. If Xia Guozhu can hand over the antidote …" Qin Luan’s thin lips slightly sipped her face with a faint smile. "That’s all to say."
Yun-feng xia thin lips slightly sip eyes half narrowed through the eyes looking at doing miscellaneous opposite Qin Luan "death warrant solution isn’t chu emperor clear? Even if this death warrant comes from my ancestors of Xia’s royal family, since the Chu emperor knows this, he should also
Knowing this, the Emperor of Chu should also know that the ancestors of Xiashi were just death warrants. If there really is an antidote, hehe … "Speaking of which, he bowed his head and said it was self-evident.
"If there is no antidote, there is no way out." Qin Luan shook his head naively, and his eyes were sincere. If he didn’t know clearly what Qin Luan was, even Xia Yunfeng would be cheated by him. Xia Yunfeng didn’t speak, but looked at Qin Luan and waited for him.
If not, Qin Luan looked at Xia Yunfeng stupefied for a long time until it was confirmed that there was no antidote to the death warrant, and then he bowed his head and sipped his brow slightly. "But if Xia Liangguo is willing to exchange a piece of treasure key for that …"
Gu Huai, the main girder of the latent hall, heard that the original moment of relief suddenly vanished; Looking at Qin Luan with her eyes half narrowed and commanding, she is much older than Yan in those years, but she can still see that the words she said when she thought of wandering the rivers and lakes together in those years suddenly made her mouth slightly curved and bitter. It turns out that everyone has changed. With him still in place, he can still move his stiff neck and shake his head as before.
Yun-feng xia half-narrowed his eyes and looked at Qin Luan’s eyes. His face was a light realization. It seemed like a thoughtful expression, but his heart was full of disdain. The emperor was so shrewd. No wonder his hand would have fallen to this point when the country was rich and the country was strong and the place was strong. If it hadn’t been for the Qi clan, the general of the place, he would have sent troops to the place and entered the territory of Xia Liang.
"Xia Guozhu, of course, you can consider" Qin Luan looked at Yun-feng Xia’s thoughtful appearance, and he already had seven points of confidence in his heart. However, Yuan Di’s treasure is too tempting. The root is not that summer’s precious little softness. If Yun-feng Xia is willing to give up a piece of key for his precious little soft life, he is naturally willing to accept it; Looking at yun-feng xia has been thinking about him and lightly throw a word "but this matter has been pressed by me for a few days Xia Guozhu had better give me an answer as soon as possible; In this way, I can give the court an account, the people of heaven an account, and the family an account! "
Yun-feng xia corners of the mouth oblique hook so aboveboard others to do the exchange is also trying to give people a replacement what replacement? There is no antidote for Gu Qi’s body poison, so what is it for his parents, brothers and sisters?
"It’s really good for a minister to change a key fragment." Xia Yunfeng’s thin lips slightly sip his eyes, and he looks at Qin Luan so stupefied. He also covets the treasure of Yuan Di. The royal family is naturally whiter than anyone else. However, unlike Qin’s royal family, they have never destroyed a family that came from that year, even though they know that they have the key fragment family of Yuan Di’s treasure.
He’s not the idiot sitting across the street. Thousands of years ago, Yuan Di, others didn’t know. How can they not know? How can he easily leave the key to his sleep to others if he is such a wise person? Take ten thousand steps back. When the guardian didn’t know the reason, he had to give the keys to different people for safekeeping. Even if he got the keys, wouldn’t there be any arrangement in Yuan Di? The temptation to swallow Yuan Di’s treasures alone is bold, but you should also have the life to enjoy it. It is better to let them explore the treasure road in Yuan Di and contribute their own strength by destroying those families and making them die meaningfully.
Lying on the main girder, Gu Huai naturally doesn’t know what Xia Yunfeng thinks in his heart. You and I can faintly hear what Yuan Di treasures and keys are in their mouths. Is it true that Yuan Di said it in those days?
Bleeding at the moment, Gu Huai’s brain is dizzy, and even his eyes seem to be black.
Qin Luan looked at Xia Yunfeng unawares. "Cherish the softness of the princess is worth a piece of key. That depends on how Xia Guozhu considers you. You said that she is worth it." But although the mouth is saying this, his heart is whiter than anyone. This summer cherish softness is just a waste. Even if it is brought back to Xia Liang by Xia Yunfeng, it will not escape a dead word, but it is very particular.
"The Lord is monitoring the Chu emperor," Xia Yunfeng looked at the opposite Qin Luan and took a deep breath. "It’s just a summer pity. The Lord won’t ignore my Xiashi royal ancestral training because of a summer pity."

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