This is also the reason why Li Xiu and others couldn’t wait to jump out and stop when they saw Meng Chen plunge into the’ Moxian Sea’

At the end of the day, Meng Chen is half a Li family.
Nowadays, the genius clouds in the four major boundaries are left behind in the fairyland, and the opportunities are limited and it is difficult to find. The competition will be fierce before! Meng Chen’s strength is obvious to all. If we can find Meng Chen, it will be a big boost to their team strength.
The so-called "The Hunger inheritors" are no longer enough to shake their minds.
If we can reach the lost fairyland, some people here will certainly gain stronger support
It is said that it was because of The Hunger’s lost fairyland that he finally became famous in the Eastern Spiritual World.
Of course, if you get that The Hunger is not Meng Chen, maybe some of them will think that at the moment, many people can’t help but quietly put out their coveted thoughts when they see that illusory teenager.
More than a month ago, the scene caused by the’ broken statue robbery’ that shocked the whole imperial city still retains the virtual collapse of the ancient enchantment and hundreds of miles of forest in songkhla.
What’s more, the golden symbol paper floated out of the ancient world and said those words, which made Meng Chen become the focus again and again.
I don’t know when I face Meng Chen again, but they can crush the former with their original confidence. At the moment, they can’t afford to raise a fight.
Some peers are strong and give you hope; And some people are desperate.
"It’s really this guy!"
Xiao Ya’s white skirt is fluttering and her figure is like a fairy dancing sleeve.
She originally wanted to go into the lost fairyland with her sister Xiao Yu, and the two sisters had a care, but the family elders sent her to the lost fairyland as soon as possible, which made her set foot on the ancient star road at this time.
Before coming here, Xiao Ya had heard the story of Yu Mengchen Tianyuan Canyon from Xiao Yu.
At the moment, of course, Xiao Ya also knows that Meng Chen is not Xiao Yu old frame as she imagined before …
In this way, when I saw Meng Chen again, Xiao Ya was embarrassed and annoyed at the moment.
Embarrassment is how to explain to Meng Chen if he meets him again; It was Meng Chen who knew that she had misunderstood him and his sister Xiao Yu that night, but instead of correcting herself and explaining it clearly to herself, she let her go wrong.
"Hum! Look at how much blood you contributed that night, girl. I won’t care about you for the time being! I hope you don’t really die this time! "
Xiao Yaqiao smile smile I don’t know what I think, and I have some kind of brain tonic picture in my mind.
"The front is about to cross the MoXianHai! Be careful, all of you. According to the Moxian Sea, there is some kind of blood spirit that can break through the ancient star road. Be careful! "
At this time, the two sides, Li Jiahe and Xiao’s family, had a bloody torrent.
"Li Han? He left alone? " Li mei son pursed the lips way
After she entered the lost fairyland, she could take care of each other with Li Han. I didn’t expect Li Han to enter the’ Moxian Sea’ alone as if she had been stimulated by some kind of anger.
At this time, except for the leader Li Xiu, three others in the Li family team have some Meng Chen, and these people also know that Li Mei-er has never liked Meng Chen very much.
Deep down in my heart, Li Mei-er really doesn’t want to go with these people.
And when she seems to have no more choices.
"Li Hanyou has two elders to send the boundary symbol map. Although it is risky to be alone, it is his own choice. We should think about ourselves now."
Li Zhan’s eyebrows are slightly frowning, which seems to be some shame for Li Han’s sexual error.
"Guys, let’s just say goodbye. I hope I can see you on the other side."
At this time clumsy smile blunt Li Xiu and others nodded and said
They are all family members, hoping that nature has its own means to save lives. Be careful when crossing the weakened’ Moxian Sea’, you still have some confidence.
"Let’s go too …"
Li Xiu looked at Xiao’s brother’s disappearance and turned to look at the virtual ancient road and shook his head and sighed.
Now he can also hope Meng Chen can live through the’ MoXianHai’.
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Chapter 221 reincarnation
There is a sea of blood all over the sky.
A figure sits alone in a bloody torrent, like a withered leaf boat, ups and downs with the waves. A giant sword with simple and strange shape stands quietly in the sea of blood.
Stripes of tiny nine-color lines extend from the sword and connect with the sea of blood.
"Ha ha ha! Finally came here again! This familiar smell really makes the old lady miss it! "
Among the teeth of the day, The Hunger’s residual soul emerged, and his original long hair was gray. At this time, it gradually became a latosolic red with the huge sword absorbing blood energy!
Like carry a burning torch.
"Soul-eating clan soul nine thousand! This time … my blood Yan will crush you soul eater! "
In the tooth of heaven, The Hunger’s ghost is floating and uncertain, and the sea of blood from outside keeps pouring into the blade of tooth of heaven.
With the influx of blood, the breath of the tooth is getting stronger and stronger. The tooth created by Heaven, Earth, Treasure, Nine Mysteries and Golden Mothers finally blooms its original edge!
In the sea of blood, Meng Chen’s body was red/naked, and his flesh was constantly washed away through the bones of his limbs.
These flesh and blood are all transformed by the life and blood of several absolute animals, but they are full of vitality but overbearing than Yuan Dan’s fighters, who will die at the touch of a touch.
However, at this moment, Meng Chen’s body is covered with a crimson gang gas. Those blood gases pass through the gang gas as if they were filtered. The original boiling and overbearing breath is eliminated one by one, and finally the most pure divine substance is left to refine Meng Chen’s body.
With the refinement of pure blood gas, wisps of faint illusory spirit emerge from Meng Chen’s limbs. When the spirit meets the outside world, the blood gas suddenly melts like ice and snow when it meets the sun and gives off bursts of violent noise.
"tire awareness!"
Meng Chen heart in a surprised feeling these spiritual body excluded from the body can not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
If it’s half a day later, these fetal consciousness will really evolve into a complete soul, and then this body will completely degenerate into another soul!
As the saying goes, after a disaster, there will be a blessing. Meng Chen was lucky to meet Mo Xianhai!
If it is not the powerful erosivity of Moxianhai, even if Meng Chen cultivated the second savage body of "Blood-eating Tactics"; It is impossible to swallow the fetal consciousness so smoothly, let alone make such a big breakthrough.
Suddenly Meng Chen got up and roared, and a slender body stretched to the limbs. Suddenly, a thin layer of blood scab fell off to reveal the original glittering and translucent jade skin.
Ice muscle jade bone magic tire!
"Pretty ancient body! !”
Meng Chen a low drink in the whole body breath suddenly rising instantaneous incarnation of a wild ancient fierce beast a violent blood gas instantly enveloped Meng Chen figure.
With a loud noise, a huge blurred virtual shadow suddenly appeared behind Meng Chen! The virtual shadow has completely covered this world, and even the remains of the distant absolute beast are just missing the virtual shadow calf at the moment.
"The first formula of Da Cang Tu Ji-covering the sky and destroying the earth!"
Meng Chen drinks low in blood gas.
Then the blood gas poured in all around, and the virtual shadow behind Meng Chen suddenly opened his mouth like a whale to swallow this piece of blood gas in the Moxian Sea!
At this time, Meng Chen moved!
The huge virtual shadow behind Meng Chen also moves with Meng Chen.
See the huge figure bow slightly, followed by one hand on the sky and one hand on the ground!

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