"Thank you, Lord Huo Ying, for taking care of it. Thank you very much!" Terumi Mei has always been very tolerant of the first female ninja title in the world, so her speech is also very harsh

"Come on, sit down. I just brought some food. We’ll talk over it. If we really want to fight, it’s not too late for us to do it then, right?"
Although I am anxious to be safe, the most important thing now is to deal with a fire shadow!
"You’re not afraid of me, are you?" Gang Shou could see that Terumi Mei still had some hesitation. She immediately gave a little shock. She really had this trick.
"Who dare not? Don’t you just sit down and talk? Ok, go ahead. What do you want to talk about? " Shui Ying sat directly at the small table made by Gang Shou early in the morning, and Shiro was a loyal guard at her side.
"Saying hokage adults even go out with a table! Where are your guards? "
"To be honest, I didn’t bring an escort this time! Is there an existing kind of idea that I want to shoot my sister? "
"Don’t worry, it’s really not, but where did this food come from? It’s really good."
"Thank you. This is my younger brother, Lord Shui Ying. I can send you some if you like!"
"Go ahead, what is it?"
"Say directly that your heart is not in danger now, but his body and things have been returned to their owners! I want to know if you know what he has with him, and he dares to show off our konoha directly. He really doesn’t take our konoha seriously? "
"Return to their owners? Have you snatched your eyes back? "
"Stop! What do you mean, take it back? White eyes are our konoha! "
"How can you take it back? That’s a special seal! "
"Don’t worry, it’s not strange to know that the vortex countries have made good friends with Konoha in the past."
"It is also true that although the vortex country has been destroyed, there should be a lot of vortex countries in Konoha. It is said that your grandmother is also a princess of vortex country and a little princess of vortex country?"
"The news is really good. You said that these are all true. We konoha can unlock your seal. Do you believe it now?"
"What about my guard?"
"Don’t worry, he’s fine. If nothing happens, you can wait for half an hour at most when I leave here!" Gang Shou actually drank a little wine
"That’s it?"
"I am still the same sentence. Do you know what you have taken?"
"No, I didn’t let him out to take anything. I let him out to help me purchase supplies."
"Well, let’s make a deal. How about you tell me about him in detail and I’ll buy you a batch of materials?" According to Shu Mao’s news, Gang Shou knows that it’s not so good to realize Shui Ying Day. Although it’s a shadow, it’s true that it’s the hardest of the five big movies. Fog tolerance is the authentic variety of people and materials.
"But since you all spared his life, I’ll tell you something about us.
This time, Qingshi went to Tangguo to purchase materials, which I have already said before, but later Qingshi wrote to me that he was being chased by Yunren and fled to fire nation. Worse still, this time he came out with a group of guys, but he didn’t tell me why he was chased by Yunren to see you like this. Maybe you know that I am really in a very embarrassing position now. I received his help and I came out directly with Shiro. "
"Now I can tell you very responsibly that you fog endure a ninja and cloud endure collusion. The cloud endure family directly stole the cloud endure Leidun’s practice manual, which led to the small family being directly killed by the two brothers of Leiying, and you were stared at by Yunren because Leiying was coming to Tang Guo. Wait until Leiying arrived. Do you still have a way? It is strange that he does not escape! "
"What? It’s impossible for me to arrange for Fog Endurance to go to Yunren. Even our secret department or those families have no such thing! "
"Don’t believe it? That’s the truth. You denied it, and I didn’t tell you this. When you come back, you should take the initiative to tell you. In addition, I can tell you that you are their affiliated targets. But we Konoha actually attracted all the shadows of his four countries, except where you are now at the border with major countries. Those shadows should have arrived!
Brother Lei Ying, Tuying, the youngest wind shadow in Onogi, and of course, the most beautiful Shui Ying. I’m here to intercept you, not to fight with you, but to tell you that the existing people don’t like forbearing peace in the world and want to start a war. Some people have told me that that person may be the one who has endured sex in fog!
This is the main reason why I am waiting for you here! "
"What?" Terumi Mei heart turned up the waves konoha how can you know the fog endure turbulence? It seems that the fog has been closed for a long time, and few people come out, even those businessmen, who have been strictly checked.
"Your family’s broken facts are all known in the forbearance world. It’s just that you didn’t say it, or your strength is too weak. Konoha has been turbulent in recent years, but in the end it was gradually suppressed by us old things. Now Konoha is stronger in all aspects than during World War III. This is not my boast. Honestly, although I am a medical ninja, you have no chance of winning for me!
Do you know what we did this time? We arranged four ninjas to intercept four movies, and there are people to take care of them at home, so we can finish talking. Even if you four countries go to war now, it is very so-called. "
"…" Shui Ying just wanted to say something but was directly interrupted by Gang Shou.
"From this incident, we can know that there is a huge black hand in the whole forbearance world, and we Konoha started to be calculated 16 years ago, and a storm is bound to usher in the forbearance world in the near future. This is not an alarmist thing. You should know that you are victims of fog forbearance and we Konoha. The difference is that we Konoha survived, but now you are still stuck in the struggle.
I hope we can form an alliance in the future!
This is my gift to you! "Gang Shou casually throw the past two scrolls.
"I have thought about it myself, and I have something for you. Of course, if I don’t think about it in vernacular, I don’t have to contact me!" With that, Gang Shou took out a scroll and summoned a bicycle to ride off smartly, leaving some car marks.
"Shui Ying adults hokage adults just said those …"
"She said yes, I really can’t beat him. There may not be much time to beat this woman!"
"What? You are the messenger of boiling and dissolving! "
"But she’s awakened the princess with a thousand hands!" Terumi Mei nai sighed.
"This ….." At this time, Shiro discovered that Shui Ying was sitting at this table and it was directly inside the long stone!
"Even their konoha should be careful to guard against the enemy. I really want to know who has such a big deal? I’m afraid there are also those two in history! But how is that possible? Is it true that as she said, forbearance is going to change? " Shui Ying is waiting for the green to appear along the coastline of Changshilang. I heard the sound of waves lapping on the rocky coast in my ears, but I was thinking about what Gang Shou said.
Gang Shou is in a very good mood, and he can probably really form an alliance with Shui Ying without any effort. Let’s just say that those substances are gifts. Maybe there are deep pockets and konoha can say this.
I never dared to get too close because of the wooden escape, which directly caused Bai never heard anything. It was after seeing Gang Shou throw two scrolls into the water that Gang Shou disappeared alone, and then he directly told the news to Teddy boy! to be continued
Chapter 34 Quartet struggle
"You mean Gang Shou gave Shui Ying two scrolls? They didn’t fight? "
"I really didn’t do it. You know Gang Shou woke up. I didn’t dare to get too close. I don’t know what they said. What scroll is it? I don’t know yet."
"Don’t worry, that little girl is no threat to us. I don’t worry about it for the time being. I think that Sangguquan will arrive soon. It is estimated that Shui Ying will be angry when he sees him!"
"That’s right. When Shui Ying came, there were few people, but they were robbed of their eyes. Then those elders will definitely not behave themselves. When Shui Ying comes, the good days will come to an end. We will have a chance to cheat them!"
"Shui Ying side is finished so LeiYing? And Onogi? "
"I don’t know what LeiYing here are two new people in the past. They all wore masks and didn’t know their faces, but listening to their voices felt very young. Is there any super new person in Konoha? I dare to intercept the two brothers! "
"What if they were ordered to wait for Gang Shou?"
"Well, there is indeed this possibility."
"You go and continue to monitor them!"
After disappearing, I took the soil and silently muttered to Konoha. What on earth do you want to do? But my plan here can almost be implemented!
"There is movement in front of Brother Blast. It seems that we and others have arrived." Shu Mao motioned for Blast to ask.
"Ok, I’ll go and have a look!" When Gao Feng ran out, he saw a dark-skinned man with a hat on his shoulder and a hoop on each arm followed by a bodyguard with a knife. Gao Feng recognized this man at a glance. Compared with Lei Ying, the man behind him was as dark-skinned and weird in shape, but he was a lot thinner. If he were a mother and child, this man must have been abused in various ways, and even his head was much smaller than Lei Ying.
"Lord Lei Ying, please show me the official document!"
Lei Ying knew what the high wind was doing when he saw it dressed up. They also set the border like this, but this time it was not normal. It was very remote and I didn’t expect it to be caught.

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